Australian Stormtrooper kit on ebay.

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Bobvdijk, Mar 9, 2012.

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    I'd stay away from most of the stuff listed on ebay, as far as Star Wars props and armor. This one in particular looks like an FX kit which in the Stormtrooper "world" is not movie accurate at all.

    For all information about Stormtrooper armor, check out First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment

    When I first started with Stormtrooper armor I looked on ebay first too but later discovered the "underground" society of star wars props and costuming. The information is out there . . . you just have to look and ask the right folks.
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    Okay, But since I'm not capable of making it myself and have very little money, is this kit recommended to buy and modify to be more accurate? (I just don't have the nerve/skill to build one from scratch)
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    He said “no.”

    Darkturbo04 offered great advice but you are not listening.

    He was trying to encourage you to do some research. Fun research by the way.

    Many of the props on eBay are simply recasts of other folks work. They use copied photos in general circulation to give their wares a legitimate look. If you buy, you will probably receive a cheap copy of a cheap copy. But if all you are interested in is cheap price, then go for it. You get what you pay for.

    I am not saying don’t ask questions here but I really think if look a bit harder, you will find the rpf has more to offer than simply being a buyer review blog.
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    Fellow Aussie here, I am guilty of owning an ebay kit although not from this particular supplier. They are acceptable to any casual star wars admirer or costume party goer but to hardcore 100% or nothing screen accurate fan (as are most here) they are very poor quality.

    Materials are fairly sturdy, strength depends on how well you put the kit together.
    Helmets would be the poorest parts in the kit, lenses are really cheap & details are of poor quality, have considered getting a better helmet but they are expensive.

    Undersuits do not come standard, so you may want to look into a supplier for one. I got mine from

    Also you may want to purchase a canvas belt or similar and blaster holder from a different source, belts provided are cheap plastic and holsters are not included.

    That being said I am happy with my kit I just have him stand on guard in the corner. Ultimately you get what you pay for, a cheap stormtrooper is a stormtrooper none the less but he will get picked on by other troopers.

    (above is my personal experience from my kit others may vary)
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    i've checked the auction buddy, follow the members advice, those suits are not 100% screen accurate. if you are looking for a good suit ,you will have to pay lot of money or try to build it by yourself what catches my attention is that it is approved by the 501st

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