Austin St. John Raffle - Replica Red Ranger Helmet Included.


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Hey everyone, if you haven't heard, Austin St. John is going to be staring in a new movie set to start filming in April.
He's running an indiegogo campaign that is almost finished, go on over to check it out:

As a boost for fundraising, he's just started a raffle of items from his personal collection. These include vintage action figures, cards and other memorabilia. Go check it out as well:

Now the big item!
Austin is raffling off the helmet that he has brought to him to almost every convention appearance since his return to the fandom. The helmet has been all over the states, Canada, Australia, and the UK. This helmet was finished by John Osborne of Legacy Concepts, and I believe is an Eric0101 sculpt.

Don't miss your chance to win this awesome piece. #powerrangers #ASJStreetTeamCpt_AB #teamaustin #backtoaction #ogredranger #mmpr #goldranger #zeo #epicbeard #survivalsend
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