Aussie Dalek Build Now Complete


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I have had another vision lovers of all things Dalek, and it all came to me in a dream. As I was in the passenger seat of the Dalek van on the way home from the Armageddon expo in Melbourne and having a much-deserved aussie beer
and reflecting on the 2 days of Daleking. Just after my 6th beer and falling a sleep it came to me. Visions of all things past, present, and future. A vision that only the creator Davros could have had if he was drinking an Australian beer.

I shall build a Dalek like no other or maybe one other. (Dave Duca Dalek Sec)
A Dalek that will have the D.O.S (Dalek Opening System) like Dalek Caan and shall open in a way that,,,,,that ,,,,,, but at this point I was woken up and the vision was lost.

I believe that the vision will re-appear at some point but only time can tell. Thinking of how Dalek Caan’s D.O.S (Dalek Opening System) was such a big hit and just blown them away, you can see it on here under “Dalek Caan’s opening” I thought to my self.

I would have to come up with something big for next year, so big that, I would by Dalek building standards become a Davros.
Well it’s nice to dream costs nothing and hurts no one, any how have started a new Dalek build to take to Armageddon in 2012.

Have completed the ray gun for this I used the CNC lathe to make the aluminium parts and for the barrel used chrome 1” steel tube with a wall thickness of .9 cut 500mm long, will be making (2) ray guns, as I will be building (2) Daleks with another Dalek builder from Project Dalek he is doing the fibreglass work and I am doing the mechanical mechanism that will drive the D.O.S (Dalek Opening System) for the skirt and shoulders.

Once I have bent the 5mm chrome bars, cut to 270mm long and bent on a 45 deg’s angle each end. I used the lathe the hold it all in place until the 2 part resin glue go’s off, once this has dried I then removed it from the jig (lathe) and placed it in the stand awaiting for the installation into the Dalek
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Re: Aussi Dalek Sec-Build

A Weapons Dalek, no not at this stage as you will see why later on in this build, have my hands full with some mechanical designs in this Dalek build.
The Dalek will incorporate the (Advanced Dalek Opening System) or A.D.O.S for short. More on that later.

Spent the weekend working on the neck section of Dalek Sec, made from 18mm MDF and cut out using a Bosh router, the Dalek will be painted in gloss black with all the metalwork in chrome, to give the Dalek the bling look.

The (8) 20 x 12 pine supports are cut 260 long this will move the dome closer to the top neck ring, giving the Dalek a more of a robust look.

Next will be to install the neck blocks once they have been casted from the mould that my other Dalek build buddy is building, he is doing all the fibreglass work, to cut my work load and time down somewhat.

On the bottom neck ring I have made a 12 x 3mm ledge for the heronrib matting to sit on and also give it a better finish.

Have been a bit slow in doing an update here on the Dalek Sec build, :sleep but have managed to install the haronrib matting.
Also the lazy Susan bearing showed up some time back and have sat it on the top of the neck to show were it will eventually go.
Next will be to install the neck blocks, once I have made them from a cast.
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Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

It’s been a tuff build, as getting the hinging mechanism in alignment with each other is hard work, been at it a week now.

Have installed electric actuators to do the work, so, have posted some photo’s of the hinging system on the skirt, but, I am still working on the installation at present, and have some very big issues to over come.

As the front skirt panels swing out and down, so this is impacting on the fender still working on how to over coming that issue, as well as have to fiberglass the pivot mounting pads on the skirt front panels and the support at the back of the skirt.

Having an opening system such as this, has some engineering issues to over come as well as trade off’s such as the front panels can not foul on any part of the fender or shoulders, so you have to have gaps in the joints and must move freely without interference as the electrical actuators can move 150lbs I don’t need them to move that much, but that’s how the come.
Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

Please tell me you have been working on that for more than 5 days or I am going to feel like a complete slacker :lol:lol:lol. Awesome looking work!!! That gun is amazing.
Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

You would probably find it easier to build if you had some amazing skills...oh wait... :eek Incredible work!
Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

Please tell me you have been working on that for more than 5 days or I am going to feel like a complete slacker :lol:lol:lol. Awesome looking work!!! That gun is amazing.

No, I haven’t been working on the dalek for only a week, it’s been the skirt front panels, getting them aligned right, that’s were the week has been spent, and still not happy with them, my Bosh sander is in for repairs, so the skirt is on hold till I get the Bosh sander back. :angry

@Garthok did you go to the Armaggedon expo, I was there in my gold Dalek.
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Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

That is a beautiful build. Looking forward to seeing the results.

BTW Is there an Aussie Dalek builders club or something? Love to talk to some folk in the know about an old school build:)

Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

Looks like their is now and you two are the founding members. Meetings are going to be a bit rough to organize condiering the size of Oz but you guys will manage.
Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

Thanks guys, been a bit slow on this build been having some issues with the skirt panels, but I finally managed to find time to do some more work on Dalek Sec, have installed the diamond mesh on the inside, used
5g x 20 long counter sunk wood screws with a cup washer to stop the 5g screws going though the diamond mesh.

Next I install the neck blocks that I had casted some time back, I gave them a coat of Matt black before I glued them on. I just used PVA wood glue for that job.

The dome got a sanding along with the cowl and a quick base coat of gray etch primer, next will be to make the light cage that go on the dome that will house the moflash lens covers.

Now for you Dalek lovers out there Moflash has given the lenses a Dalek Part number
p/n MO50022DW just for you Dalek lovers that love to build Daleks.
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Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

Well fellow Dalek lovers, another day has past and found some more time to do work on Dalek Sec, having made a start on installing the eye assembly.

Started with the eye disc by gluing two (2) 18mm thick by 100mm diameter MDF boards together, once they were dry I then used the lathe to machine the eye disc to the required size.


To give the eye a smooth motion will also install two (2) bearings on each side of the eye disc, bearing size 12 x 8 x 6, by using a boring bar to machine the required bearing shoulder into the centre of the eye disc.


Once I had cut the flat on one side of the eye disc using a drop saw, I then placed it in the mill to drill the 25mm hole needed to mount the eye stalk tube. And also to install the 13mm hole all the way through to allow for electrical wires to pass through as I will be installing a camera into the eye itself.


Next was to machine the 12mm slot to allow for the electrical actuator shaft to connect to the eye disc, I used a 6mm slot drill for this task, as the actuator has a 6mm shaft and it will give me 3mm clearance on both sides.


And here is the completed eye stalk and eye disc assembly with all the machining work completed. The small slots on the outer circumference were cut using two (2) hacksaw blades clamped together.


I Used 25mm chrome plated tube for the outer tube and 19.05mm Aluminium as the inner support tube so the electrical wires can pass through without interference with the stalk tube disc, the
six (6) disc were made using a jig former that I had made to make Dalek Caan’s eye stalk assembly some time back.


Next was to start the eye assembly itself, and using a jig I made for holding the 100mm diameter globes that are used on the ray gun and plunger.

Using a step drill to drill the 22mm hole, in the end so I can use an electrical fitting to join the eye and the eye stalk shaft together, this will also allow me to remove the eye from the eye stalk when I need to.

Looks like it's spinning at 20,000 rpm but it's only doing 850 rpm.


Dalek Sec it going to have a camera lens installed into the eye and the photo is of the completed camera assembly, the housing is machined from 6061-T6 aluminium.


The silver one, is the outer housing, and the blue one, is the one that the acual camera mounts in to and is the inner camera mount the lens was made from a pair of safety glasses I got from work, cut down to size.


And here is the finished eye & stalk assembly, at a later date I will change the L.E.D's from white to blue, giving the Dalek that blue eye.

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Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

Thanks mr wazoo, I dont know about talent, l think
persistence has alot to do with it.
I do admire the ones that have a go at building there props without the toys I have. Without the lathe and the mill, it would be very much harder I think.
Re: Aussie Dalek Sec-Build

Oh thanks ashden, I do try and do some work on him every night after work, just to keep the build going as I need him to be finished by September, as I’m looking to take Dalek Sec to Armageddon in October to meet up with some other Daleks that will be there as well.

It is a massive Expo, there was over 17,000 showed up last year, and I’m looking and working to get there this year, to catch up with some other members from Project Dalek. And to “EX..TER…MIN…ATE” all and any humans.
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