Aughra from The Dark Crystal sculpt and silicone mask (now with finished pics)


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***EDIT*** Couple of Finished pics up top so you dont have to scroll to the end.




****EDIT**** back to your regularly scheduled WIP thread **

DragonCon is coming up, so time to get started on this years project. My girlfriend requested I do the sculpt for her Aughra costume. So it has begun! First pic is a rough block in. This is around hour 5 of sculpting.


This is about 10 hours into the sculpt.


That's where i'm at. I'll try to keep this updated as it goes on. Hope to have it as a mask in a month or two.
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If anyone wants to watch me paint Aughra, here is a link to a video of me, painting Aughra, from my twitch channel. I listen to tunes while working so some of it has no audio due to copyright, but you can still see what I'm doing.

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