Audience recording from STAR WARS in 1977


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Wow... I was born in 1978, but my Mom told me she was pregnant at the time she saw Star Wars with my Dad in the theaters. Obviously something happened in there because Here i'm 37 and love it just as much as I did when I first saw Empire Strikes Back at 2 years old. I have shifted my obsession of toys to being much more minimalistic in my collection (with exception to a bunch of autographs I keep in an album), but it's always been my roots and a massive part of who I am.

Hearing that recording was so cool to hear from audiences seeing it for the first time. I wish I was around to see that time.


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I only saw the originals on the big screen when I was at the last Celebration some years back. Not ":popcornomgi'veneverseenthiskindamagicbefore'' sensation I'm sure the original showing was but closest I'll ever get to it.


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Super cool! Just wish they had the entire recording instead of parts of the ending. That took me back and was really fun listening though. I actually shed a tear.


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Wow! that was great... especially the cheering and applause! Yes, I was 10 years old in 1977.... I still have vivid memories of certain scenes that had in impact on me... like "Would someone get this walking carpet out of my way!" I laughed out loud.. and I laughed when R2 and Threepio walked across the Tantive IV hallway during the fight and didn't get hit by all that laser fire... and I couldn't recall what the white armor guys were called after seeing the film and called them Star Troopers for the longest time until some kid corrected me! :D I was 13 for ESB... but summer 1977, KISS, Disco, Farah Fawcett... and Star Wars... if Mr. Roarke could let me visit Fantasy Island I would ask for my fantasy to go back to May 1977!.. the whole summer for that matter!


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I remember seeing the movie back in one if its re-plays in 78 or 80, and a significant portion of the audience seeing it for the first time thought the movie was over when the escape from the Death Star sequence was done. There was applause and people began to stand up, and then quickly sat down again when they realized there was more.


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Brings back fond memories.

i was there that first showing on that fateful first day! :thumbsup


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I actually smuggled one of those big old portable cassette recorders into ESB in 1980 and recorded the whole movie. It sounded just about like that there. I must've listened to those tapes a thousand times!!


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I was the right age at the right time for the right movie.
Nothing will be like that ever again.

Honestly for a while it was pretty much all you thought about.
The film ran forever, today even the blockbusters come and go very fast,
quickly replaced with the next one.


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hmmm pretty sure I recorded ROTJ, next time I go back to the homestead maybe I should see if I didn't chuck them, but I bet I did.


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I wish I had, there was literally laughter when the emperor was going all wicked witch and Anakin sort of just.. oh gosh, I'm evil now I guess.


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I remember seeing Jedi on opening day. I was a kid but the excitement in that theater was electric. After the 20th Century Fox bit, right as the next familiar text came on screen, some guy (an adult) stood up on his seat in the middle of theater and yelled at the top of his lungs "A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY!!!" The entire audience went Fing nuts!!! I've only been to a handful of big time live concerts that had that ferocious level of anticipation running through the crowd.

Every awesome point in that movie the audience just erupted: the speeder bikes, Vader's redemption, the super star destroyer crashing into the Death Star, Lando escaping through a cloud of flame...and of course, Leia in a bikini. It was an amazing time to be a Star Wars fan.


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Actually my buddy and I did an audio recording of SW and ESB on cassette in the 1970's, too. Only the ending was cut off from those. We played them over and over again.

My buddy's dad also had one of the first Betamax machines and he had a pirated letterbox copy of SW in the 70's! I just touched base with him last year and he says he still has the Betamax. I sent him a flash drive with a 1080p Harmy de-specialized SW. I wish I could find those audio cassettes, though ...
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Yeah, my uncle smuggled a camcorder into ROTJ, then made a copy for us. It was indispensable in the 3 or 4 year wait for the VHS release.


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I got to see all three OTs in the cinema and have a special story about ROTJ in 1983.

I also went to all SE's in 1997 and the mid night screenings of the all the prequels.

So back in 1983, I was allowed to see ROTJ on the first screening night by helping the projectionist carry the 7 reels up the stairs to the projection booth. My first task was to make sure all the film "leads" were out and there were no "tails". I found a few reel not re-wound, so went to work getting them sorted. Being 12 and unable to help my self, I stopped rewinding the reel and pulled the film out to look at it. What I saw surprised me. The image (where the stolen imperial shuttle over the Endor) was tall and skinny. I didn't understand what was going on. Afraid that I was going to get in trouble, I cautiously asked the projectionist why. He wasn't mad and took me to the projector and showed me the anamorphic lens that would swing into the light path for screening of this film. And it then and there when I learned about CinemaScope.

In 2003, I learned that this technique could also be applied digital projection and today have this beast in my system.


There is nothing as cool as watching STAR WARS on a CinemaScope (mine is both curved and acoustically transparent) screen using the full panel of the projector's imaging chip.


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