ATTN: Marvel Comics Costumers & Cosplayers / Model Call Out: Aug 1, 2011


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Hi all!

Thank you costumers, cosplayers and photographers who've answered my past model call outs (Samples of who has replied and I've drawn here).

I'm wrapping up a project featuring Marvel Comics characters from the main universe (Earth 616) and have another opportunity to draw some of you in it.

As usual, here's the scoop:

1) Looking for models to action pose in costumes that are comic book versions of Marvel characters. I'm not allowed to draw film versions, they're a different license, but I can change them in the illustration if your costume is similar.

2) I give high quality photos with interesting poses first choice. Can't promise to draw everyone, but will sneak in as many fellow costumers as possible.

3) I can browse and download your high quality photos from online sources like your website, Flickr, Facebook, Google+ or receive pics via email. My email: Some of you already talk with me at, that's good too :)

Pics received by Aug 8, will be considered, but feel free to provide any afterward. I'll file them in my library for possible use on future projects.

Post here or email me with any questions or comments you have.

As always, highest regards to all!

Justin =)

P.S. I know this is the "Movie Costumes" section, if there's a better place to post for people with replicas comic book costume, lemme know.


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How about this one?



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those are very awesome. too bad my war machine is nowhere near finished :/
Thanks, glad you like them! And maybe I'll have a project I can use your War Machine on when it is done :)

I'll be putting the final touches on my Taskmaster this week, then I'll send pics your way!
Cool! Looking forward to them, Wes!

How about this one?
I like it, thanks!

Lol! Does it count if you sold it? I am joking of course that is a great photo!

Justin =)

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I'll try to take some more of my Deadpool over the next couple days, but here's some for you that I've collected.

I'm including this one because there's a funny story behind it:
every time I go to a con, I get at least 10 people that want to push the button on my chest. It's accurate to 50% of the comics, but it has to be the most annoying feature about the costume, and I've always wondered what Deadpool's reaction would be to that. "It activates my karate-chop/pistol-whip action. Push it and see."
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