Attaching Shin/leg Armor (Avp04)


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Earlier, i've just put soft foam inside the armor piece(which has a hollow cylinder shape, as most of you know), but still i've managed to have them drop down some towards my feet.

I've ordered a pair of cheap knee protection, ment for rollerskating, they got hard plastic shells on them which i'll try attach a pair of small angle sections that will hold the leg armor up with small bolts going through the top area, making me able to jump and pose in my suit, etc.
Optional, ice hockey shinguards, and remove the dome covering the knee, don't want that to be shown on my costume.

i'm wondering how You solved this problem, please share!  :)

I am wondering if you can just use velcro tape. One side of the tape hot-glued on the latex skin, and the other side of the tape hot-glued onto the shin armor. Wouldn't that hold up? Because that's what I am planning to do. If not, what about magnets?
Just a word of warning, hot glue does not stick to paint very well.  So the velcro tape might peel right off the painted latex.  I've come across this problem in another cosplay.  Using gesso in the area of hot glue helps, but it's still not very secure.
Neodymium Magnets aka "rare earth" These are very strong, very small, and would be easily included in the design. 
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