Attaching Foam armor panels to Spandex suit?

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by RogueDax1, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Hey All,
    So, I'm making an a Magneto Age of X costume and am making the boots and shoulder armor out of foam. I've been following all the awesome costumers tutorials( Thanks so much ) and basically have figured out how to costruct the boots and armor.
    I was debating about making his hip/leg armor on the side of his led out of foam or spandex. My question is... if I decided to go the foam way, is it possible to glue the foam piece to the spandex and have it stay( with hotglue maybe?). Seeing as that you can hotglue elastic straps to the foam I was wondering if it would work the same for a foam panel on a spandex suit? Otherwise I'll just make the panel out of spandex and sew it to the suit.
    Any help is so very greatly appreciated. :)
  2. Grave

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    i know that i hot glued foam to underarmor, basically spandex, and it stuck very well. but you need a LOT of hot glue and a dummy to set it on.
    you can try contact cement for a better and quicker hold. read the instructions and trace where the part goes with a white grease or fabric pencil to not over do the glue. once its on its there for good.
  3. CGClone

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    Get a mannequin.

    Put the spandex suit on the mannequin.

    Get some latex.

    Put the latex on the back of the foam and put it on the spandex that is on the mannequin. Wrap the foam piece down nicely with some saran/plastic wrap.

    Let latex dry.

    That piece will never come off the spandex.
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  4. Talisen

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    I'd consider having velcro sewn onto the suit, and glued onto the armor parts (be sure the fuzzy side is attached to the suit). We did this with N7 leg and bicep armor as well as parts of my Stormtrooper armor.
  5. Shades

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    CGClone- That idea is genius!
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  6. Flagwaver

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    What Talisen said. I've helped a couple of guys do their costumes that way. Mass Effect and TK (Stormtrooper). I even helped a TB do that with his stuff. So, yeah, sewing the velcro on is probably the best idea. Less messy, too.
  7. RogueDax1

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    All great ideas!
    Thank you all so much for your help.
    I really appreciate it :)
  8. Bloggsman

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    How would I go about washing the spandex afterwards? I'm planning on using a compression shirt for my current build, and want to attach foam armour permanently. But I've been worrying about how it'd be washed, as I don't want to be wearing a costume that's dirty
  9. FirstPick

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    Wear a dirty costume. Unless you're fighting crime daily in it.

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  10. P4r4dox86

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    I helped a friend make a Wasp costume and we attached the armour pieces to her body suit using rare earth magnets. Magnets on the back of the armour pieces and magnets glued on to the inside of the body suit. A seamless attachment method, strong enough to hold them on with movement if you get the right strength magnets, and means you can remove the armour pieces to wash the body suit. I used the same idea for when I made a detachable 'Time Beetle' for my fiancee's Donna Noble costume.
  11. Joejoeph

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    Hi I’m attaching a rubber spider to the back of a Lycra spiderman suit and I’m wondering why you said to put the fluffy side on the suit? Wouldn’t it be better to put the hook side on the suit so the suit doesn’t snag when you put the other side on Igbo you missed at all?
  12. TurboTrey03

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    Pretty sure DynamiteWebber (on IG) told me a while back he uses heavy duty velcro for his NightWing suits.

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