Limited Run Atreides Dress Uniform Collar Pins (Dune 2021)


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Hey all! Wanted to share an upcoming run of the Atreides Dress Uniform Collar Pins I now have in production. This will be a limited run of 100 pairs (left and right) and should be available mid December 2021. Price will be $20-25 per pair with free US shipping.

Pins will feature dual plating, black nickel and matte brass, as well as dual clasps on the back. They measure 2 inches wide and 4mm thick.

I spent quite a while searching for clear references and tweaking the design, and am really happy with the results and accuracy.

If you're interested please reply to this thread and I'll message you once they become available. I'll post any production updates here as well.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more Dune things coming soon!

Atreides Dress Pins Renders.jpg


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CrossfireProps I'm interested as well.
Have you considered making the smaller chest versions?
I’ve looked into it, I’d like to do it eventually! Looking at close ups from the prop exhibit it looks to be a black urethane rubber with powders applied directly to the mold for the colors. The red looks to be a fabric, almost elastic like, laid on top of the cast part.

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