Atlantic City Boardwalk Con


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just a heads up, because I know there are a few animation fans here.

some of the headliner voice actors are : Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnel, TressMcNeil, Maurice Lamarche Jim Cummings.....and if that awsn't enough, possibly tara strong as well, although it looks like she may have cancelled.

this is the lineup I've been waiting years for NYCC to finally bring..and it takes a small NJ con to do it. The only thing that would make life even more complete is if they could book alan openheimer in it ;o)...

can't wait!


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there is going to be a 'voice actors read the movies' panel. the last one was star wars that got a million hits in a day.
who knows this time.


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not a bad outing for a first convention. I did get scammed out of a photo op though. website said 12, when I got there it was 5:30 and couldn't stay that late.....and so far no info on refunds. so had to get them all individually. but over all, not bad. I really hope this stays a small con, and that they keep the level of interesting guests up each year, because it was so much more relaxing than NYCC. you actually had a chance to talk to the guests....



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