AT-ST ESB/JEDI differences?


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Can anyone point to or give an explanation of the differences between the two? I can see the surface differences but would be interested to know more, I'm looking at the Bandai model and wondering how well it would lend itself to some determined customising.

I much prefer the ESB version, the Jedi one seems proportionally odd, too top heavy. Not having read the Making of Jedi book I'm not sure if there was ever any explanation for the change in design, I can't help thinking it was based purely on making an easier full size build for particular scenes in Return of the Jedi?

Thanks for any help.
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I think it might have been to make it more proportional to have people fit into the 1:1 scale prop. I prefer the esb version but when I look at the prop I don't think people could have sat in there and have room for there legs. My opinion anyway


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As far as i know the Big difference is the Length of the legs and Proportion of the Head/Cockpit And ofcorse Details and so on. There has Been a Couple scratch builds done and some real good ones... I think Maax did a hasbro Convention that was Pretry good...but Google is Ur Freind and all that.

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Here's an image of the ESB AT-ST. As far as customising it goes to get something that resembles the ESB version you might be able to get away with the legs but you would need to make a completely new head for it


RPF members NAZGUL and Keith have both modified the latest incarnation of Hasbro's ROTJ AT-ST with great results and there is another active conversion by SPARTdAN as well but many others have had to scratch build a ESB version.


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The ESB verison is known to have been just a one-off thing by the model department. It wasn't subject to the kind of real development process that the AT-ATs got. For ROTJ they probably just took the concept and clean-slated a new design to suit their purposes in the Redwood forest.

Just looking at the two versions of the AT-ST, I have a feeling the ROTJ redesign was more about shortening the legs than enlarging the head. The ESB version looks quite tall. Anything much taller than the eventual ROTJ version would have been too far out of scale for the ground battle Lucas was brewing up on Endor.

I don't see them getting too uptight about whether the actors fit inside very well. All Chewie ever had to do was pop out a hatch once in ROTJ. There's no law saying they had to be standing up inside the thing. Even if they did, the interiors were going to be a soundstage set anyway. They didn't hesitate to build the Falcon's interiors 1.5 times the size of the exterior. They didn't mind cramming several characters onto Luke's little landspeeder in ANH, which was barely the size of a golf kart.
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