AT-ST ESB "ghost" part discovery


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Hey Chicken bros,
long time no see.:cool

Look at that, yet another piece from a known donor, this time our beloved Ferrari 312B.:)
Sometime last year, I was looking at that outline on the back of the Chicken's head and thought that "something was there"...and opened the 312B since that outline "kinda looked like those shiny angular parts". However, I must have glanced rather lazily over the J sprue, threw it back in, and life went on.
A few days ago, on the never-ending quest to find the 'inner thigh plate' and the main gun barrel bracket ('double headlight bezel'-looking part), I was browsing the Chicken ref folder again, and The Force pulled me toward the 312B box again...and there it was....part J10.

Now, J9 is technically also a possibility, but:
a) the thicker segment on J9 is longer than on J10, and it "invades/disturbs" the dome area on the KV hull
b) it has 3 small locator holes that are not very appealing (unless they got covered with other part(s))
c) J10 with its "step" is more interesting.
So I'm placing my bet that JEJ used J10.
In both cases, though, the crude, molded-on chain of the KV hull is now for the most part out of sight.

Note that the faded outline on the right box is a degree or two askew counter-clockwise, possibly a result of quick re-gluing.

In all, a nice, functionally reasonable (vent/exhaust/intake) addition that adds more angularity and depth to the back of the head.

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Just pulled up my ref on this one, have to say it again, DAMN KILLER FIND, probably one of the best, apart from that doozey on the neck boot :behave.

Oh meant to say, this "could" have been a part added while the prop was just a static test rig, maybe it wasnt applied during filming and its subsequent rebuild?......Its ALL a mystery, which is ALL the fun.

Great discovery! I'd better get my chicken walker out over the Christmas break and make some progress. Now keep going for the inside leg holey part!! if I could find an armature......:lol
"ghost" is correct.
can't believe you're finding pieces that aren't technically there (in the ref).

nutty crazy find. v'nice.

Help me out here. What are we looking at? Is there some ref showing glue marks or something from which we can extrapolate the shape of a part no longer on the model during ref shots taken?

Incredible detective work there, now to add or not to add...or add and take off leaving glue marks, then re add then nock it off with a big light????? Hmmmmmm decisions decisions.

Jason can you go back to 1955 and Kick the F*** out of a few bullys for me? You dont play guitar by any chance do you?

Second thoughts, I need you to put some bets on for me :lol
Wow that's a bizarre find. Great job! Yeah like Guy says maybe put it in place then rip it off of there? Lol

And that inner thigh part remains elusive. I wish I could just get beyond the unknowns and move on...
looking at the paint and weathering in the vicinity...

robiwan and i were discussing the possibility that this ghost part was never actually ON the model. perhaps it was used as a wood block stamp a "design" onto the back of the head?

the paint, the weather, the lack of glue being torn away. just kinda don't feel like the piece was ever a permanent installment.
Fellas, glad you like the find. I surely was excited when the lines matched and the nipple put the last nail in the coffin.
Now, true, this piece may not have been on the model during filming - I checked the more detailed animation sequence under the AT-AT head frame by frame and the only pieces that appear to stick out are the Prince of Wales gun, maybe the part had fallen off/been knocked off prior to the shoot. But it was there, and it integrates well, so I'm putting it on my model. And - it's the only shiny donor part so far! It has a nice stainless steel-like appearance.

On a related note, I would also like to make aware those of you who may not know or not have noticed (?) that Allan (imaginager) ID'ed the side armor extensions found in the M3 Lee kit (A30+A31), which he included in his V1 build (posted in 2009) - see picture below (hope it's ok Allan to use your pic here). There is no trace of those in the refs. He based the IDs on the anim sequence above, and if you look closely at HD footage, they are indeed there. I really liked that ID among his other impressive finds. And, of course, all the other awesome original finds and those over the past months by RPFers (I keep a credits list). The ID'ing (of visible parts) is close to the finish line, so close!

BTW, I have updated the 2nd pic in the first post with a more accurate outline extracted from the ref pic (which currently can't be posted here).

I still feel this 312b part was on the Johnston "model" before it became a filming tool.
Id bet there are quite a few more parts that didnt make the swap over too.
As for the M3 fenders, it was a superb eye from Allan, not 100% confirmed, but, the part fits the bill so well, its impossible to discount!

Man, it always happens that I am not at my home PC to see the ref pics when cool finds are made. Is the silhouette the result of paint overspray? I mean, was it glued on, model painted, then part fell off? It would be cool to recreate this!

About the rounded part on the outside leg....the small mystery part behind the 312B spoiler piece. Has anyone looked at the 1/35 Kommandeurwagen? There is a somewhat similar looking part. Just wondering. I don't have the kit.

Keep looking, and more and more, i see a glue mark, right top, and the upper edge towards the DFV tranny casing for sure, it was bonded IMO.
Wont be adding it now ive trimmed the part, doesnt seem right to add it, but its still one of the best finds ive seen for a long, long time!

Lol.... I can just about picture all of you guys..... Sitting in front of your AT-ST..... staring at it..... That new 312B part in hand...... What to do?

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