At-st Bandai


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Having trouble with the stance on this thing. I articulated the model. What do you all think of this? To be honest, with the articulation, I've got too many options...... Not really sure how this thing is supposed to move to be honest. What goes up and down when, that sort of thing. And yes, the eye cover thingy fell off.
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The SK walking test is wrong compared to what you see on film (ROTJ) but closer to the small appearance on ESB.
ESB AT-ST doesn't move from side to side and the main head is steady.
ROTJ AT-ST does move from side to side, as well as the upper body + head.
You should have the ability to have one leg firmly planted on the ground with the other one lifted toward the rear as well as a slight tilt of the main body and the head turned at a 10 degree angle (YouTube vid: AT-ST Walker walkcycle).;)


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Looking good! This is the pose I found to be most pleasing when in front of you, this is the Bandai kit unpainted. Very similar to your positioning with maybe the legs not as extended. The head angle and slight side tilt make a big difference I think. And with the trailing toe on the ground it does balance, although a tiny bit of blu-tac does help!



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Very nice job!!!! I’d say you DO have model building in you…
Thanks. My main focus was ww1 aircraft so yeah, not sure I still have the patience for it. Not to mention all the supplies I don't have anymore. This was made with one bottle of black and one of white mixed in different shades and a 20 dollar single action airbrush.
Love the stance; very natural for this vehicle:cool::cool:(y)(y):notworthy::notworthy:
Took me forever to be happy with a stance. Especially when I made everything movable. Thank you

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