AT-AT scratch-build (with Speed Build Video)

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Thanks for clicking, I'm hoping to do a little showing-off and get some feedback.

Short version of the long story: I've been making and selling props for about 10 years. I still enjoy the creative process, but am becoming less interested in making and shipping castings and finished pieces. about a digital product (instructions and templates) that people can buy at low-cost and assemble as a project?

My first effort is a Star Wars AT-AT. The goal is to have a low-cost, accessible project for anyone -but especially those that don't have access to space and/or equipment (e.g. power tools, 3D printers, laser cutters).

For about $3 in foam and poster board, plus a few more dollars for spray adhesive, tacky glue, acrylic paint and X-Acto knife/blades this should be a very doable project.

Attempt number 1:
Created an initial set of templates, then built it to see how it all fits together/looks.



Not bad, but lots of opportunities for improvement: reduce the number of Foam Board raw edges, improve model accuracy, simplify the templates, create step-by-step instructions, and lighten up on the paint job.

Attempt 2:
Line-by-line instructions with pictures, improved templates for the head and body, grouped templates by body part, redone templates for the back and underside of the model, and added detail/greebles.




Getting there!

I've fixed a couple of areas that need to be more accurate and again simplified the instructions (and changed some of the assembly sequences). I've also polished the templates to ensure they're easier to read and interpret.

My next steps are to create an instructional video (as well as a speed-build video from the same footage) and build a final version of the model. Assembly instructions will be updated with the latest version of the assembly pictures.

So, what do you think? The model is about 14" tall by 15" long and can be scaled-up simply by enlarging the templates. A reasonable representation? Something you would be interested in trying if the price for the instructions and templates was reasonable?



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Turns out really good, not overly accurate, but it does look good if you don't know better and don't have the skill level, commitment and time, this seems like a really good alternative.......well done...although I personally think it's a bit pricey, but that's just me.

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