AT-AT Miniatures Diorama


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Hello, haven’t posted much on here so I got out a AT-AT miniatures that I bought a few years ago and done up a diorama. The snowspeeder is also a miniature.
The first thing I done was dremel out the pistons on the feet of the AT-AT then did some black wash over the hole AT-AT as I think they are to clean as they are.
Next i mixed some Bi carb soda , white paint and some glue to make a past and went over the AT-AT to simulate snow build up.
Next I used a large tile and laid down some Bi carb soda put some foot prints in then sealed it up with some clear gloss and then some white gloss. The base was a rush job and when I get some time I will do it properly.
After this I got some 1.2mm mig wire from work bent it around the legs (this was a pain)and placed a small hole in the back of the snowspeeder and slipped it on.
The snowspeeder does look a bit big but i placed the AT-AT foot on top and compaired it to the movie when luke,s was stood on and looked similar.
Sorry but I took the photos at night with no flash and i dont know how to make them bigger so not the best.

This was me stuffing around Master replicas style











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Nice one mate. Imperial walkers all round then. You're goin to have to bring that round to that BBQ you guy's are throwin at my place.

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