AT-AT kit from Adam Savage's latest videos?

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Does anyone know the make of the AT-AT studio kit in Adam Savage's latest videos from the last few weeks? I was just curious because I know it's well out of my price range and paint skill level! I knew when I saw the individually cut foam packaging that it was too rich for me. I'm more used to a zip lock baggie full of parts that hopefully don't have a million air bubbles. Anyway that kit has to be the Ferrari of AT-AT kits!

BTW, if it's a hush hush situation, then I get it, so no problem.


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I've contacted Merlin Modeles stating I wish to purchase two kits, only to meet with the sad news the kit is 'sold out'. No offer or hint at a second run of castings. They simply told me there are a number of kits in production to offer monies to for procuction, or for sale.


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This was just posted today on Facebook:

First of all we want to thank you for the many orders we get for the Studio Scale COMBAT WALKER model kit
Due to the large number of orders, we can already announce a new price for this "one time run" :

The new "one time run price" is now $850 plus shipping (worldwide).

Of course, the price of $850 (plus shipping) also applies to everyone who has already ordered this great kit.

We accept orders for this "one time run" until September 16th. From September 17th then the regular price of $ 940 applies. Please note, that this model (kit) is not poseable (fixed pose) and the display stand/backdrop is not part of the kit.

For order, or ordering questions please send us an email:

They have a private group on Facebook, you can join and get more info here:


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