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OK guys, just a quickie project...I have been asked to produce a coupla 1/6 feet of the AT-AT walkers; one from TFA where Rey is sitting in the shade of a half buried foot, eating her lunch, and one from ESB

3D printed this one. Still got the painting/weathering to do


And scratch built this one for the Hoth scene...still needs finishing off and panels and detailing before the paint goes on


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ooh, I'm curious to see a 1/6 Speeder with the foot.

Based on the C-3PO figure it looks like you went with the larger AT-AT scaling compared to the undersized one used in the ESB scene?

i.e. the ESB foot from the crushing shot is too small when compared with scaling in other shots


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Yep Great project, this is going to be nice watching the progress on this NICE Workmanship keep it going and Thanks for sharing.


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Looking very cool indeed mate...but for one lill' detail: the widget on the bottom left of the foot doesn't seems to contain some sand/wear and tear:unsure: Eager to see the other foot painted and stuff(y)(y):notworthy::notworthy:

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