Astyanax's Makes, Builds and Acquisitions: 2023


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Hi all:

Having caught up on 2024, it's time to hit the backlog.

Welcome to my prop inventory. The vast majority of these replicas are NOT my own design, so I'll be sure to try to credit where I can! I counted 124 prop replicas I've had the chance to work on or purchase in 2023. I hope you enjoy!

In case there's any doubt, THESE PROP REPLICAS ARE NOT FOR SALE.

Please let me know if you find this interesting, and feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, or drive-by with insults! :p

Here's a view of the entire collection (as of April 2024):


Sometime in January 2023

First in 2023, I finished this Leia's Blaster from Star Wars (1977). It is a repaint of the cheap Rubie's Leia blaster.


It took a month to sand and fill the seams, screw holes, manufacturing text, etc. I then painted the whole thing in gloss black rattle can. Then I masked off the barrel coil and and grips, and applied a graphite rub over the remainder of the blaster, giving me two distinct sheens. Finally, I drybrushed VERY LITTLE silver enamel in a few key spots; I didn't want it over-weathered!

Star Wars.mkv_snapshot_00.06.24_[2024.04.28_18.08.52].jpg Star Wars.mkv_snapshot_00.06.26_[2024.04.28_18.08.19].jpg

(Probably the most sanding and filling I've ever done in a single project!)
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January 19, 2023

I finished this Noisy Cricket from Men in Black (1997). It is 3D printed in resin from a purchased download by Punished Props.


The print was finished in Alclad II Polished Aluminum over gloss black. Being my first attempt at that technique, it's not quite as shiny as I'd like, but we'll just call that "weathering". I used green vinyl (sanded cloudy) behind the vents. All the screws are real.

Men in Black.mkv_snapshot_01.01.58_[2024.04.28_19.48.03].jpg Men in Black.mkv_snapshot_01.04.00_[2024.04.28_19.49.14].jpg

(This was my first real 3D printed prop replica. It convinced me that I could make it happen!)
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February 6, 2023

I received this Klingon D'k tagh Dagger from Star Trek: Generations (1994), from a seller on the RPF. The brand is United Cutlery.


This is a really beautiful piece, sharpened to a deadly point and double edge. The switch opens and closes the blades on either side of the hilt. There is no spring, you just slide it forward or back.

Star Trek - Generations.mkv_snapshot_00.46.11_[2024.04.28_19.52.10].jpg Star Trek - Generations.mkv_snapshot_00.46.12_[2024.04.28_19.52.39].jpg

(An interesting story here. This United Cutlery knife is NOT screen-accurate at all to the D'k tagh in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock or Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was designed by UC as an homage to those versions. However, to save costs in making Star Trek: Generations, several were purchased from United Cutlery to be used in the Klingon scenes, thus suddenly making this UC knife perfectly screen-accurate!)
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February 13, 2023

I received this "Save the Clock Tower" Flyer from Back to the Future (1985), from an Etsy shop.


Pretty basic, but nice quality. It works as a background accent piece to my BTTF collection.

Back to the Future.mkv_snapshot_00.10.58_[2024.04.28_20.31.08].jpg Back to the Future.mkv_snapshot_00.11.25_[2024.04.28_20.31.38].jpg
February 13, 2023

I received this "Biff Tannen Museum" Ticket from Back to the Future: Part II (1985), from an Etsy shop.


Now I was unable to find any examples of it in the movie, but PropStore auctioned it off as a legitimate production-used prop. Anyone reading this who might know, please tell me where I can find it in the movie! :)

February 13, 2023

I received this "Biff's Pleasure Paradise" Matchbook from Back to the Future: Part II (1989), from an Etsy shop.

PXL_20240429_013436800.jpg PXL_20240429_013453771.jpg PXL_20240429_013508504.jpg

The matchbook is of excellent quality, and contains real matches! The strike strip is printed on, however.

Back to the Future Part II.mkv_snapshot_00.58.34_[2024.04.28_20.09.16].jpg

(Yes, there was more than one version of this, such as a "Biff's Auto Detailing" version, but this is the first time we see it up close.)
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February 21, 2023

I received this "Gray's Sports Almanac" Book and Receipt from Back to the Future: Part II (1985), from an Etsy shop.

PXL_20240429_013945109.jpg PXL_20240429_014041606.jpg PXL_20240429_014015011.jpg PXL_20240429_014054836.jpg

This was the best quality version I could find. It came with the printed dust jacket, and contains real sports scores from the era. The blue receipt looks like clear mylar or something similar.

Back to the Future Part II.mkv_snapshot_00.22.39_[2024.04.28_20.34.19].jpg Back to the Future Part II.mkv_snapshot_00.22.45_[2024.04.28_20.34.52].jpg Back to the Future Part II.mkv_snapshot_00.24.31_[2024.04.28_20.33.59].jpg Back to the Future Part II.mkv_snapshot_00.53.07_[2024.04.28_20.17.50].jpg Back to the Future Part II.mkv_snapshot_00.58.04_[2024.04.28_20.27.38].jpg
March 25, 2023

I received this Magical Amulet from Dragonslayer (1981), from a seller on the RPF. I believe this is RelicMaker's version of the amulet.

PXL_20240429_014503466.jpg PXL_20240429_014600842.jpg

The mount is pewter, the cord is leather, and the crystal is a single piece of real fluorite! This is the best version of this prop out there.

Dragonslayer.mkv_snapshot_01.08.03_[2024.04.28_20.38.52].jpg Dragonslayer.mkv_snapshot_01.38.58_[2024.04.28_20.40.40].jpg

(I display it in my collection with a yellow LED underneath.)
March 25, 2023

I received this Dragon's Tooth from Dragonslayer (1981), from a seller on the RPF. I believe this is RelicMaker's fine version of the tooth.


The tooth is made out of cast resin, I believe, and is finely finished and weathered. Looks just like the version from the film!

April 3, 2023

I finished this Phaser Type I/II from Star Trek II: The Search for Spock (1984), 3D printed in resin from a purchased download on Cults3D.

PXL_20240429_015051778.jpg PXL_20240429_015152649.jpg

The solid resin (heavy!) body was printed in several parts and painted separately, using various rattle cans. The Type I is mostly satin black, as is the trigger on the Type II. I used Behr Metallic Soft Iron for the body of the Type II. There was no weathering (!). There are no lights or sounds, but the Type I detaches and is held in place with magnets.

(It looks a bit darker in person...the above photos are overcorrected.)

Star Trek III - The Search for Spock.mkv_snapshot_00.40.28_[2022.12.04_20.58.09].jpg Star Trek III - The Search for Spock.mkv_snapshot_00.40.33_[2022.12.04_20.58.34].jpg Star Trek III - The Search for Spock.mkv_snapshot_01.18.40_[2022.12.04_21.04.50].jpg Star Trek III - The Search for Spock.mkv_snapshot_01.25.02_[2022.12.04_21.06.34].jpg Star Trek III - The Search for Spock.mkv_snapshot_01.25.36_[2022.12.04_21.07.06].jpg

(In my opinion, this is the best version of the phaser in all iterations of Star Trek! It was my next big printed project after the Noisy Cricket, and success here encouraged me to keep going!)
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April 6, 2023


I assembled this Skull Bearer Pendant from "The Sword of Shannara" by Terry Brooks, from parts ordered on AliExpress.


"He saw the creature almost immediately — a huge, terrible black shape, stooped in a half-crouch as it crawled, dragging itself slowly through the shadows of the buildings across from the inn, its humped back covered by a cloak that rose and billowed softly as something beneath pushed and beat against it. The hideous rasping sound of its breathing was plainly audible even from that distance, and its feet emitted a curious scraping sound as it moved across the dark earth. Shea clutched the sill tightly, his eyes locked on the approaching creature, and in the instant before he ducked below the open window, he caught a clear glimpse of a silver pendant fashioned in the shape of a gleaming Skull."


(The Shannara fantasy novels were super influential for me in my teen and later years!)
April 15, 2023


I assembled these Blue Elfstones with pouch and letter from "The Sword of Shannara" and "The Elfstones of Shannara" by Terry Brooks, from parts ordered on AliExpress and Etsy.

Elfstones of Shannara.jpg PXL_20240429_152029846.jpg PXL_20240429_151911609.jpg PXL_20240429_151930785.jpg

The stones are quality cut glass, and the pouch is made out of deerskin. I designed the letter from the text in the novel and other clues about language, and printed it on faux old-style paper. The seal is real wax with adhesive backing.

"He rummaged through his clothes for several minutes while Flick watched anxiously, then carefully stepped back with a small leather pouch balanced gently in his right hand. He held it up and tested its weight, displaying it to his brother, and then hurried back to the bed and sat down. A moment later he had the drawstrings open and was emptying the contents of the pouch into his open palm. Three dark blue stones tumbled out, each the size of an average pebble, finely cut and glowing brightly in the faint candlelight. The brothers peered curiously at the stones, half expecting that they would immediately do something wondrous. But nothing happened. They lay motionless in Shea's palm, shimmering like small blue stars snatched from the night, so clear that it was almost possible to see through them, as if they were merely tinted glass."


(I chased down EVERY reference to the stones in all the Shannara novels before landing on this final selection.)
April 20, 2023

I received these Holy Brass Knuckles from Constantine (2005), from the Slash2Gash store.

PXL_20240429_152836411.jpg PXL_20240429_152846904.jpg

The accuracy is as close as I could get for an acceptable price, and I further weathered the knuckles with black acrylic paint.

Constantine.2005.1080p.BluRay.DTS.x264-HiDt.mkv_snapshot_01.13.38_[2024.04.29_10.19.56].jpg Constantine.2005.1080p.BluRay.DTS.x264-HiDt.mkv_snapshot_01.13.38_[2024.04.29_10.20.08].jpg Constantine.2005.1080p.BluRay.DTS.x264-HiDt.mkv_snapshot_01.13.40_[2024.04.29_10.20.18].jpg
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May 4, 2023

I received this Leia's Lightsaber from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019), from a seller on the RPF. This is an Anakin Starkiller "At Stars' End" brand saber, and it is exquisite!


The copper metal coloring is perfect, it has a soft metal shiny finish, and it is inlaid with mother of pearl.

Star.Wars.Episode.IX.The.Rise.of.Skywalker.2019.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv_snapshot_01.32.5...jpg Star.Wars.Episode.IX.The.Rise.of.Skywalker.2019.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv_snapshot_01.33.2...jpg

(Say what you will about the film, it's a beautiful saber!)
May 6, 2023

I picked up this Hoverboard from Back to the Future: Part II (1989), from a local collectibles shop. This is Hasbro and Universal's official release.

PXL_20240429_165654448.jpg PXL_20240429_165711935.jpg

The board is all plastic, yet kind of heavy. The pink "hologram" material is just printed, and the green and pink on the disc are velcro. I added the round Mattel logos from a seller on Etsy.

Back to the Future Part II.mkv_snapshot_00.18.29_[2024.04.29_10.34.05].jpg Back to the Future Part II.mkv_snapshot_00.18.31_[2024.04.29_10.34.13].jpg

(I'm hoping to upgrade the pink strap at least with the fuzzy pink material from the movie.)
May 13, 2023

I received this Jack Napier's Joker Card from Batman (1989), from a seller on Etsy.

PXL_20240429_165827172.jpg PXL_20240429_165837660.jpg

It's a high quality plastic-coated Bicycle card, but it was missing its trademark bullet hole. So I punched one myself, and LIGHTLY charred the edges with a lighter. Came out great!

Batman.mkv_snapshot_00.15.29_[2024.04.29_10.35.26].jpg Batman.mkv_snapshot_00.15.30_[2024.04.29_10.35.06].jpg
May 18, 2023

I received this Tomorrowland Pin from Tomorrowland (2015), from a seller on eBay.


It's the most accurate I could find.

Tomorrowland.mkv_snapshot_00.26.26_[2024.04.29_10.37.31].jpg Tomorrowland.mkv_snapshot_00.26.31_[2024.04.29_10.37.20].jpg Tomorrowland.mkv_snapshot_01.58.33_[2024.04.29_10.38.39].jpg

(Not the greatest movie, but the gimmick of the pin was really delightful!)
May 18, 2023

I received this Laminated "I Have a Condition" Card from Joker (2019), from a seller on Etsy

PXL_20240429_165925771.jpg PXL_20240429_165937967.jpg

There were several options on eBay and Etsy, but this card had the most correct fonts and spacing, as well as the right kind of lamination.

Joker.2019.1080p.BluRay.x264-AAA.mkv_snapshot_00.08.44_[2024.04.29_11.34.56].jpg Joker.2019.1080p.BluRay.x264-AAA.mkv_snapshot_00.08.47_[2024.04.29_11.35.02].jpg Joker.2019.1080p.BluRay.x264-AAA.mkv_snapshot_00.08.50_[2024.04.29_11.35.12].jpg

(I couldn't bring myself to crinkle it up. Guess I should!)
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May 22, 2023

I received this Guy's Name Tag from Free Guy (2021), from a maker on Etsy


This is your typical plastic name badge with the letters engraved. Spacing and font match the movie pretty closely!

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May 22, 2023

I received this Joker Card and Evidence Bag from Batman Begins (2005), from a seller on eBay.

PXL_20240429_170205260.jpg PXL_20240429_170229128.jpg

I was incredibly pleased with the attention to detail, in both the workmanship of the card AND the bag. Most such Joker cards don't get the border right, and this one has come closest!

Batman Begins.mkv_snapshot_02.10.26_[2024.04.29_10.36.02].jpg Batman Begins.mkv_snapshot_02.10.31_[2024.04.29_10.36.11].jpg
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