Astronaut Costume - Tips and Research Appreciated!


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Hello friends! I recently decided on a costume that would provide both anonymity and a cool factor!

I found some Astronaut designs on Artist Jeff Miller's website, that he created after watching Gravity in 2013.

Space_01.jpg Space_02.jpg Space_03.jpg

I really liked the designs, and have been researching how I could create them.

I found a few fabrics:
White 01, White 02, Grey 01, Grey 02

And was thinking about an acrylic 10" or 12" globe, which I could buy tinted or tint myself.

Any ideas/other research appreciated! Thanks!

Captain April

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That is a very cool design, the helmet is a challenge since it's not a true globe, the 12' globe would probably be the better choice, it will take a lot of work to make it look like the design. Good luck and I am looking forward to watching your progress.
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