Assassin's Creed Syndicate Jacob Frye build (Done! Lots of Syndicate group pictures)


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Having already done several complicated Assassin's Creed cosplays at that point (Arno Dorian:, Connor Kenway: as well as having plans for Shay Cormac, Edward Kenway, and a second Arno cosplay in the works, I was telling myself that no matter how cool the protagonist from Assassin's Creed Syndicate looked, I would resist the urge to cosplay him at least for a year or two. Nonetheless, the instant the first images of him were released when the game was officially announced, I knew what I had to do. The fancy coat, the top hat, the cane sword... I was in love with his outfit. And so, I started work more or less right away.

When I make a cosplay I always start with what I expect to be the most difficult and costly item (so that if I end up being unable to complete it, I won't have wasted money/time completing/buying other parts that I no longer need), which for Jacob was the frock coat. I made the pattern by heavily modifying the patterns I used for my Browncoat:
mal_reynolds_browncoat__firefly_serenity__by_timeywimey_007-d7vznea.jpg and my Jaime Lannister gambeson: jaime_resting_by_timeywimey_007-d8kgly2.jpg

I decided that I wanted to use real leather rather than pleather, which I had used for most of my previous cosplays. I ended up finding a very large leather jacket at a thrift shop for about $8, which I took apart to use for this (I even have what should be enough for another project I have planned for the fall!). I was unsure about whether or not I would be able to find accurate black herringbone wool, but eventually I lucked out on Etsy, and got three yards for a very reasonable price (originally I was planning to use either black corduroy or black moleskin). The trim is satin, the quilted parts are quilted pleather from Jo-ann's, and the lining will be burgundy and black faux silk from eBay.

Here's a shot of the mockup I initially made to test my pattern (I apologize for the quality of the images; I aim to have much better quality pictures of the finished product):
assassin_s_creed_syndicate_jacob_frye_coat_mockup_by_timeywimey_007-d8y8jt6.jpg and here's a better shot of the hood: jacob_frye_hood_prototype_closeup_by_timeywimey_007-d8y8jwq.jpg I'll eventually be posting a picture of the hood pattern for those curious about how it goes together. It was definitely the worst part to figure out; I went through about three failed designs before I made one that didn't look dreadful.

So far, on the actual coat, the outer layer is ~95% done; all that needs to be done is for the belt loops to be riveted together and for the little straps on the back to be riveted on (which I can't do until the straps I ordered arrive, which probably won't be for a few weeks yet):

And the hood's finished (it'll be attached around the inner edge of the collar, and will hopefully be stuff in the back when not in use, or else will be folded up around the edge of the collar):
assassin_s_creed_syndicate_jacob_frye_hood_by_timeywimey_007-d92y91d.jpg It's not perfect, but I think it's probably the best fitting hood I've made (certainly better than my Arno hood, which bunched around the top of my head in a ring and was very loose below that, making me look like I was playing a shepherd in a church Christmas pageant).

I probably won't be posting any updates until I finish the coat, which as I said probably won't be for a few weeks. After the coat's done I'll be making the waistcoat and the sash. The other pieces are either things I already own or things I'll be buying. I plan to have the entire cosplay finished for Youmacon at the end of October.
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Re: Assassin's Creed Syndicate Jacob Frye build (still WIP)

I've got my coat and waistcoat done (actually finished them over a month ago but only just got around to photographing). All that remains to be done is make the sash, paint my kukri, and make a holster/harness for holding it.
jacob_frye_coat__assassin_s_creed_syndicate__by_timeywimey_007-d9clnpe.jpg jacob_frye_coat__hood_up__by_timeywimey_007-d9clnoi.jpg jacob_frye_coat__lining_closed_back_alt__by_timeywimey_007-d9clnnu.jpg jacob_frye_coat__lapel_tail_details_and_tag__by_timeywimey_007-d9clney.jpg jacob_frye_coat__front_back__by_timeywimey_007-d9clnq9.jpg jacob_frye_waistcoat_by_timeywimey_007-d9clns1.jpg


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Re: Assassin's Creed Syndicate Jacob Frye build (WIP; coat and vest done)

Finally got around to editing and posting the pictures of myself and my group. Here are my favorites:
My (Jacob's) coat and vest are made from scratch, and I painted the kukri. Evie's coat and the Templar officer's coat are heavily modified thrift store finds. The Rooks/Blighters mostly are just wearing thrifted clothes, but I modified the collars on each of their shirts and I shortened the hem of the red coat. I also painted each of the guns (aside from my own).
There are many more pictures here:
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