Assassin's Creed series costume projects (AC3 tomahawk on 6-1-12 -page 6)


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Hi Guys! I'm a really big Assassins creed fan here, and been making the outfits for the protagonists from the series since the first game.

Though I was working on gear from both AC: Brotherhood & Revelations in the first couple of pages, trying to get this thing done for Otakon, then subsequently Dragon*con has since forced me to concentrate on one of the two, his outfit from AC- Revelations.

For those unfamiliar with Ezio's design, here are a couple of the better reference images gathered (they're big, so links! Please don't hotlink them into website backgrounds etc, thanks! )

Ezio's Revelations outfit-

Ezio's Brotherhood outfit-

Later down the road I'll return to the AC:B gear, and there's also some AC2 bits that need finishing, as well as AC1 stuff that I need to replace/refurbish (airlines, shmucks who think its funny to pickpocket the assassin and steal knives/daggers, wear & tear etc)

Here's a couple images from the AC brotherhood outfit I've been working on, and apologies for them being kind of out of order.. this (along with life in general) has been a bit on the chaotic side!

AC:B insignia
I thought I could get away with using my ac2 insignia sculpt and add/modify it to the ACB one, but the ACB one is elongated, and after (re)sculpting a big chunk if it, I couldn't find a way to convince myself that this was right. AC2's is about 3/4" too short.. boooooooooo!


So i started over, and figured I'd fix all the bits that were bugging me. Here's the current state of insignia- Take 2,

A more detailed log can be found here!
Props by fev - Ezio Cosplay project (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood) - Insignia Construction

In an attempt to artfully find an excuse to not deal with the hellacious swirls, I decided to work on the pauldron.

Decided to sculpt it flat, less hassle!

The sheet of sculpey i was using was tacked onto a piece of hardboard, to provide stability when sculpting and reduce the amount of sculpey I'd need to use

Strips were laid down to approximate the layers..

sculpting is well underway, and many adjustments were made while sculpting since the initial layout sketch was not accurate

After baking, i went back with sandpaper and smoothed everything out, working down to 2000 grit

I don't have a vacuum chamber, so I instead used an airbrush to get rid of as many bubbles on the surface when making the mold. This is mold max 30, with silicone thinner added into the initial pour to make popping bubbles easier

Dusted inside of the mold with aluminum powder, before pouring the resin

after demolding, I draped it over a mannequin to give it its shape. This was smoothcast 325, and its very rigid (you can shoulder check people like a mofo XD)

I also tried out smoothcast 60d, which stays flexible when fully cured, but to be honest, i like the 325 more. it likes to stay in place better.

Weathering was also done by using a can of black spray paint, spraying it generously, and wiping the excess off with a cloth. I went back in and rubbed some more aluminum powder into areas that I felt were too dark, while it was still slightly tacky.

other bits
here's the beginnings of the tunic (ACB)


And the rough beginnings of the ACR gear.
After dying the fabrics for the ACR outfit a deep blue, I realized that the tunic was a more gray color (didn't take into account the blue filters on the images I had found >< ). I'll probably use this for other elements on the costume, and take a Day trip to an awesome fabric store in NC to find a nice gray fabric, and other items once i pattern the tunic & embellishments.

.. and a glider wip (scaled down a bit so the parts can fit in my car :p)
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Re: fev's Assassin's Creed costuming projects (image heavy)

My god you are sick! :O this is awesome! Incredible work mate! Can't wait to see more :D
Re: fev's Assassin's Creed costuming projects (image heavy)

Another place to stalk your AC stuff XD

As always amazing work!
Re: fev's Assassin's Creed costuming projects (image heavy)

Wow excellent work. Please, please keep us updated.
Re: fev's Assassin's Creed costuming projects (image heavy)

looking very awesome indeed. especially loving the work on the glider....

this post also reminded me that i have a block of sculpey lying somewhere that i must use for something...
Re: fev's Assassin's Creed costuming projects (image heavy)

force- when Ubi stops releasing crap back to back??
...but seriosuly, i want it done by Dragon*con

robo- I missed watching your progress on your thread, but tis' understandable when other projects get in the way.

Justin- toss me a pm ^^

Here's more work on the ACB gear.. The tunic has a ton of sections, so I'm laying it using a big pile of buck a yard fabric and a sharpie. The top half will need to be adjusted later once the underlayers of skirts are done, (and I had gained a bit o' weight :p) . But in the meantime, having it laid out is making the tunic feel less daunting.

I also did a couple edging tests on a piece of scrap fabric. The two ends were just folded over, the left one was done with piping, and the right one was padded with interfacing. I'm really digging the interfaced one the most, though i might try to find an excuse to use the piping on some other area of the outfit.

And began the layout of the acr embroidery.. theres a LOT of it on there T_T

Speaking of which, I found an embroidery technique called Tambour embroidery, which could help speed up the process of embroidering this stuff.. its a glorified chain stitch using a hook tool. Though I won't be as fast as the Indian guy I first saw doing it in a video, if I can get the hang of it, it will be much faster than standard hand embriodery. I'm trying to get both of these outfits done in some insanely short amount of time, so yeh.

here's a few links that has some info on the technique!

Plays With Needles: Getting Hooked: Tambour Beading Masterclass

YouTube - ‪Indian Embroidery and Zari Work : Filling a Circle in Zari Indian Embroidery‬&rlm;

YouTube - ‪tambour beading‬&rlm;
Re: Assassin's Creed series costuming projects (6-16 update)

You know, every so often there's those costume sculpts that you think "Damn, THIS will be good."

This is one of those.

The cloth has some incredible details, can't wait to see what you do with those.
Re: Assassin's Creed series costuming projects (6-16 update)

It looks very nice so far. I hope to have my AC:B Ezio done by Dragoncon as well.
Re: Assassin's Creed series costuming projects (6-16 update)

This looks absolutely sick so far. Best of luck and I can't wait to see more!
Re: Assassin's Creed series costuming projects (6-16 update)

You are amazing! I can't wait to see more progress. :)
Re: Assassin's Creed series costuming projects (6-16 update)

Aw man that is awesome!
Looking forward to seeing this develop!
Re: Assassin's Creed series costuming projects (6-16 update)

Wow. This is going to end up being one of the best AC costumes out there.
Re: Assassin's Creed series costuming projects (6-16 update)

oooh this looks like it might be AMAZING! What fabrics are you planning to use? You're going to so much detail with he armour i'd love to see authentic fabrics used - accurate to the period, like silks and wools. I swear one of his armour sets in ACB - the drechen i think, his collar looks like its heavily embroidered silk.
Re: Assassin's Creed series costuming projects (6-16 update)

@fevereon- it continues to look awesome....and I'm actually considering heading back to my project, I've dropped a lot of weight since I was doing that before and the revelations suit is slowly growing on me (it was the e3 trailer that did it I think)
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