Assassins creed III - Connor Ratohnhaké:ton - W.I.P, Update, Pics Added

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    Hello all! This will be my first thread on here and through it i will be detailing my plan and process for this build in particular. I know im going to be needing some tips and tricks along the way i hope you all can help out some how!

    So after the official announcement of the new Assassins Creed game as always i was super excited! I did an Assassins Creed II build in 2010 and i was...satisfied but i felt it was lacking the luster of authenticity, for a costume on a micro budget i feel it came out great but i want to do something more this year. I want to reconstruct this costume to the "T". right now im going to get all of the "prop" aspects done first and then move to the actual costume build since this costume is pretty straight forward it wont take long to accomplish. So creating the rest of the replica's is the main focus as of now. The goal of this build is to give it a strong "Cinematic" presence.

    as of now i have started on the buckles, learning from my last costume this should have came first so i'm starting with it.

    PROP LIST:(links to the pages with pictures will be posted here)

    - Belt buckle [WIP] -- super sculpy, plan to make resin cast using smooth-on trail size casting resin, maybe even the casting resin found at hobby lobby (suggestions??)

    acbeltbuckle.jpg picture by Gabe_Cianchetti - Photobucket

    - Bracer buckle [WIP] -- super sculpy, plant cast along with belt buckle

    bracers.jpg picture by Gabe_Cianchetti - Photobucket

    - Assassin Bracer [n/a] -- I plan to use leather as seen in the feveron ACR costume, I know nothing about leather working so any tips for leather working would be appreciated, I should have a foam mock up done soon.

    - Leather Belt [n/a] -- Here i am referring to the belt that holds the logo buckle.

    - Quiver/ shoulder strap [n/a] -- the Quiver it self i am still unsure of, i think maybe using a heat gun to form a plastic bucket into a basic form, and then covering the quiver in light leather material.

    - Tomahawk [n/a] -- I will ultimately be crafting the weapon in multiple sections out of wood, then casting the blade in resin.

    - leather Gun Belt [n/a] --

    - Flint Lock pistols [n/a] -- Ill be making simple modifications to doller store toys

    - Bow & arrows [n/a] --

    - Hidden Blade --

    - Assassin hood -- I noticed that the hood is a separate piece attached to the coat, i really want to craft the hood on a light leather that way i can tool the eagle found on the crest. GI_AC3_01.jpg picture by Gabe_Cianchetti - Photobucket

    Costume List:

    Colonial dress shirt [n/a]

    Colonial tailed coat [n/a]
    286px-Assassins_Creed_3_-_Connor_concept_art_by_Lewa.jpg picture by Gabe_Cianchetti - Photobucket
    GI_AC3_01-1.png picture by Gabe_Cianchetti - Photobucket
    ACIII.jpg picture by Gabe_Cianchetti - Photobucket
    assassins_creed_iii___connor_render_by_kingacid-d4rkotj1.png picture by Gabe_Cianchetti - Photobucket

    moccasins, and wraps [n/a]

    Red sash [n/a]

    all of the costume pieces as well as the props will be put through a nice weathering process to give them a rough rugged feeling

    so lets get this going guys!

    UPDATE:pics added

    here are the basic forms of both the arm bracer buckle and the belt buckle

    excuse the awkward angle of the buckle, its not as un even at the bottom as shown in the pic below [​IMG]

    and here is the bracer buckle

    I cut out the basic pattern on some card board (the kind from the backs of sketchbooks) to give the sculpts some sort of structure needed to smooth out the surface.
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    Re: Assassins creed III - Connor Ratohnhaké:ton - W.I.P

    Looking forward to seeing your build. I'm not going to consider it myself until the game comes out, it's a tough one. A couple pieces of advice though. The best way to do the quiver would be to wrap some leather around a cardboard tube. Just find one the correct diameter and cut it to length. As for the hood, it's not leather. It's the same fabric as the coat and the eagle is embroidered. Good luck!
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    Re: Assassins creed III - Connor Ratohnhaké:ton - W.I.P

    Thanks for the advise! I didn't even realize the eagle was embroidered ! it looked like a stamped image. That makes things a lot easier, embroidery is not as troublesome as what i was planning.

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