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Hey guys. I've been working on the Assassin's Creed Hidden blade. I have come up with a way to make the blade automatically extend and retract with the same wrist flick motion. Unfortunately cutting and welding the metal pieces has given me far more trouble than it's worth so I'm not sure I'll be going all out on a second blade. I may just take the easy way and make it just extend and a manual retract.

I'll post some pictures for you guys if you want them.

I've now decided that I want to go ahead and make the entire costume. I think I am gonna make the brotherhood one but It's been done so many times I am considering doing it in a different color combination.
[Edit] I am partial to Wetland Ebony color scheme of black instead of white. [End Edit]
Any advice would be great.

My main questions are what material should I use for it?
Are there any pre-drawn patterns that you guys may have?
Do you know a good way to do the blade engraving and such?


PS. Also thinking of sculpting and casting the Plate Armor.
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I'd really kind of like to do The Assassins creed 2: Helmschmied Armor. I'm thinking that may be a little out of my league. No clue on how i'd do the details on the pants.. maybe cut a stencil using and x-acto and then carefully use some spray paint. What do you think?


I just like a lot of the costumes from Assassins creed I don't know which one to do :lol
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Alright then. I've decided on the Brotherhood Costume. i have a hood pattern that I found on one of the other threads here and I have started drawing up plans for a hidden blade that would closely match the one in the game. Dose any one have any idea on dimensions for it as far has how wide it is and how far out from the forearm it sticks?

Still hoping for advice on materials and the such.
hey man, i see youre making a wetland ebony! my favorite one as well. i actually made one myself a few months ago, and am now working on improvements to it. already made new bracers, as well as hidden blades that extend/retract with a flick of a wrist. heres a link to the vids (before upgrades) YouTube - ‪Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Ezio Costume - Completed‬‏ check out my channel vids for tutorials and such. and feel free to ask any questions you might have, id love to help a fellow costume maker!
Thanks. I actually saw that video of yours not to long ago. Any chance you could show me the break down of how you did it? I mean put up some pictures of each layer individually?
have you seen my tutorial on youtube? it breaks down almost every part of the costume. my channel is freerunningninja68. theres a few tutorial vids there :] let me know if u have other questions!
Nice. I've often thought that the AC costumes would be a fun build. The best way to do the embroidered elements would be to either hand embroider them or use one of those super-duper sewing machines that will embroider anything at the touch of a button. The bracers could be made using craft foam, much like jedielfqueen's Boromir bracers.
As far as the embroidery goes I decided I could always ask my parents to do it for me because the company they own does embroidery and such.

I really wanna use actual leather for the bracers if at all possible so it will be durable. Not sure where I can get any cheap leather though.

I still haven't decided which costume to make. What do you guys think?
Ah. Gotcha. I either wanna do Helmschmied from ac2 or the base AC brotherhood. Probably in wetlands ebony or Assassins white. Maybe with some real plate armor or something once I get my foundry up and running. :)
Alright. I think I am just going to make both of them. I snapped my bandsaw blade so until I get a replacement I can't work on my hidden blades. That means in the mean time I will be going all out on my Assassin's creed costume asap.

I think I am going to make the brotherhood one first. So any quick help on fabrics, patterns, quantities and such would be great as I will probably go to the store tomorrow.
Alright. So I went to Joann's to try and find some likely fabric. I found a sew Classics cotton that feels thicker and coarser. I plan to uses a thicker stitch to really create the bold white lines that you can see in the picture I provided. I also found a shiny red to use. It's slightly toned down to more of a burgundy so that it doesn't appear as bright but it still looks right. I was going to sew all of the layers as actual layers separately but I found myself confused as to what each layer should look like independently of every other layer and how all of the layers came together. I think I will try to find a silky undershirt that would match his and sew the rest as one layer that looks exactly like it should. Btw. Picked up some "steam-a-seam" lining so that I can make sure that the hood will definitely hold it's shape.

I kinda feel bad cutting corners on the costume. I want to make it as realistic looking as possible. I look at it as saving money that I'll later spend on leather and all that.
Alright guys. I've got an update for you. Here are a couple of pictures. The first one is all the stitching I could do by just folding it over and sewing. Then the second one I lined the hood. The one after that I have layers sewn onto it. In the final picture I trimmed down the hood a bit to make it not so pointed anymore. However I am now having issues making the hood sit off of my face to leave a shadow as it is supposed to. It's also seeimg to bend instead of swoop I do have lining in it. Also i changed the lines on the tip of the hood to come together a bit more than you see in the third picture. Any ideas on the hood?
if you make the hood longer in the front, to "jut out" more, that shoudl help.. if you look at a side view of Ezio, the hood extends way past his face.
I'm just not sure how to alter my hood to make it longer. I don't particularly want to make a new one but I'm starting to think that I'll have to..
Here is a picture of the hood turned inside out the way that I've got it. Any ideas Fev? I saw you have your AC2 costume about done so I was hoping you might have a pattern idea if mine is a lost cause.
yeaaahhh.. i see the problem on that one... the hood's not deep enough, tis a problem i have with both of mine (ac1 & 2), but I've since (somewhat) figured it out for B & R

Also, check out robo's ac thread, he pepped his hood and made a pattern from there for his AC2 alt. armor project. unfortunately, he hasn't been able to work on it, but he has some great info in there that could aid you in your hood hell. It helped me figure out my problem hood (extra problems abound with my poofy hair) :)

Below is a quality sketch on your hood, with a guesstimate of where the head sits... you really want to get that thing covering your head more, as it looks more like a basic hoodie (which isnt' designed to cloak the head)

Of course, do a lot of tests with scrap before diving into that hood!
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