Arwen LoTR costume


So, for this year i set myself the task for finally cosplaying one of my favourite characters from my all time favourite movies/book. The convention i want to wear it to, is London Film and Comic Con in July.
Due to time and money, i'm not sure which dress i will be able to do. I want ultimately do her purple/blue dress and riding cape like this:

arwen-0.jpg Arwen_and_Asfaloth.jpg

OR, her white evenstar dress:

39427_1198128109185_full.jpg arwen-evenstar-the-lord-of-the-rings5.jpg

but out of sheer volume of fabric i know both of them will end up being expensive. alternatively, as my cheaper and quicker option, i would like to make her dream vision dress, like this:


(there are not many references for this, so if people have other pictures, they would be greatly received)

i'm starting to gather materials and make some progress, which i will post all here in this thread. I'm also making her butterfly circlet/crown, because, well it's beautiful! although i dislike her green dress in which she wears it with, purely because the colour wont suit me, which is why i've refrained from making it. you can see the crown here:


i'll be using my own hair, with a half wig to add length to the back. i've bought one from ebay which i'll post some pictures of when i get it.

the make-up used on Liv Tyler was:
MAC Studio Finish Matt Foundation in NC 15
MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon
Lancome Definicls mascara in Black
Mac Front Blush in Spice, used as an eyeshadow
Clinque Brow Shaper in Shaping taupe
Lacome Photogenic powder in Ivorie
Clinque Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

Evenstar necklace:
I already have one, you can buy cheap or expensive ones offline pretty much anywhere!

i need a little help here, i know that elves are often barefoot, and i've seen the green dress shoes are like slippers in the same colour. but other than that i've seen no other references of shoes with her other dresses.

I've bought so elf ear tips from ebay, and again, i will post some pictures when i have them

thankyou for reading and i hope we can help eachother, and i can post alot of progress pictures for everyone :)


Okay so i got started!

Here's the wig i bought from ebay. so cheap! its really thick and beautiful actually :)


and i found some perfect fabric for her dream dress so i just bought it on impulse! here it is, just tied round my neck, not cut or sewn yet :)



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Very pretty!

That wig is absolutely stunning too. You'll pull off Arwen quite well I think!

I don't know if you've seen it, but Simplicity's pattern 4940 is pretty much dead on for the blue dress? It's close to the white dress, but there's a few of others close to that as well. Here's one on ebay if that helps!


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That wig looks great. I am seriously thinking about doing an Arwen cosplay and would like to know what the wig was called and if there are any more of the one that you purchased from eBay.


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Wow that looks awesome!! Are you going to add beading or leave as is?

Those sleeves look wonderful!

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