Artist Appreciation Thread: Lynn TXP 0369

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A long time ago I used to post threads like this to highlight to work of the different artisans of the forum.

Lynn TXP 0369 and I have been net buddies for a long time and in the early part of our relationship I asked him to repaint some of my Applause Dioramas, as you can see by the below images he did a fantastic job.

He also assembled and painted a couple of my models and I'll post images of them later.

I still have a few dioramas that need some color so let me know if you looking for some work Lynn

If Lynn did some work for you please post about it below.

Thanks for all your work Lynn :)



Yup, Lynn does good stuff, and is a good guy, too.
Haven't seen him around here in forever...
He's been posting lately.

I'm sure other have his work, so post up some pictures.

But if you don't have any of his work it would be perfectly fine to just post some comments below.
David, I totally came across this thread by accident googling myself tonight. :lol Wait, that didn't sound good....:eek

Thanks for the comps buddy!! I remember doing all of those for you and many other things as well.

Treadwell, it has been a long time too! I've been into cars lately, so I haven't been around much.

I have done a bunch of things for a lot of the older RPF guys, Mike Jakiw was one of my biggest fans and I did a bunch of things for him as well.

I've been to a couple cons in the past year and I realized how much I missed costuming.

I'm getting back into the costuming scene with a custom Mandalorian and I joined up with the Mandalorian Mercs starting my costume.

I'm still burnt out on building and painting kits and I haven't touched one in years, so this is going to be a challenge to me.

I got a 10 yo boy who is really into building and making things, so I need to step up and get him going in the right direction and show him what daddy can do.:lol
Thanks again for the comps David, it has been a pleasure, and sorry for digging up a 4 yo thread.

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