Articulated Skeleton


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I'm a photographer who has been using skeletons as subjects for a few years now. I've essentially been using halloween props and the like and reworking them. When I started I took them apart and wired the joints to make them "posable." They were still essentially marionette puppets, useable but the set up for each image was time consuming and generated much profanity.

I wanted to make some relatively free holding ball and socket joints. The challenge was a worthy one, first time making ball and socket joints, additionally the nature of the skeleton meant I had to walk a delicate line between the size/function of the joint and the appearance.

I ended up using delrin as it seemed something I could "machine" with the equipment I have.

IMG_0749 copy.jpg
IMG_0750 copy.jpg
IMG_0754 copy.jpg

The shoulder joints and hip joints were made in the same method.

IMG_0774 copy.jpg
IMG_1494 copy.jpg

Articulated wrist and wired hand for posability.

IMG_0933 copy.jpg

First camera tests. I shoot in film and older methods, these shots are 8x10 negatives shot on X-ray film.

Scan 1_compressed.jpg
Scan 2.jpg

I have two more skeletons this size and many more in other scales I also intend to articulate so any and all advice is appreciated.


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In my research before the build I came across these camera mounts as possible joints, I ruled them out due to their size, ironically the deleon joints ended up being the same size, so I bought a pack of these.

Additionally, material question, does anyone know of a plastic like deleon with a higher friction rating, thus making it a better material for joints.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 10.20.02 AM copy.jpg

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