Arsenal anyone?


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So, after trying and failing to find an arsenal at the last few cons i've been to (surprising right?) i figured, screw it, i'll throw one together for my friends to wear when i drag them about.

I picked up a cheap, 20ish dollar bow from amazon, that GI-Joe airsoft armor from evike (somehow caught it while it was in stock the other day) and misc. parts that i've got from rejected red-hood/other cosplay ideas. Here's where it stands now.

2015-06-19 22.11.30.jpg
2015-06-19 22.09.41.jpg
2015-06-19 22.09.12-1.jpg

I've got to make the little A emblem, and arm it with some rubber knives and maybe a side-arm. Also, with or without lenses on the goggles? I'm leaning towards with.
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