Arrow Tv Style Mask


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My friends birthday is coming up and since His favorite show on television is Arrow. I decided to use my EVA foam skill to recreate a mask as a prop for his room! I found this entertainment weekly image as what I based it off of.

I first came up with a paper templet, traced and cut the EVA foam to shape. I then drew in the detail lines in with a number 2 pencil. Then using a small pocket lighter I heated with foam and formed it to my face to get the shape.
11004743_10205994901490915_1883524555_n.jpg 10966563_10205994850689645_1722000601_n.jpg 11004844_10205994849689620_685906890_n.jpg

Next up is painting!


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I still need to paint the inside of the mask black and make a box, but this is after the paint job!
11016492_10205995112296185_54634666_n.jpg 11007503_10205995191618168_1865848795_n.jpg


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