ARROW/FLASH : is there anything redeemable about Iris or Laurel ??

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    not sure if this was ever posted , but i cant be the only one who honestly hates these two .
    my hate for laurel came early on , in the first episode and then progressed the rest of S1 it made me super angry when she became a collossal *censored* during the trial for no reason whatsoever .in s2 ( mid season in the flashback sara tells her that she likes oliver and what does laurel do ?? go after him ) lets leave the druggy alone cus thats been beaten to death ; but at the reuinion with the family she blames EVERYTHING WRONG WITH HER LIFE on sara rather than step up and take the responsibility .

    iris : barry had a decent girlfriend ( that cute asian ) and when asked about it , she went out of her way to burn it to the ground in her *blocking way. eddie , all eddie had to do was get snipped , but no it ended the way it did cus he prefered THAT to another day with her. when barry tried to help eddie out RATHER THAN BE A UNDERSTANDING FIANCE , she chose to be the opposite and cause drama . in the WAVE episode she gave you the look that she will drop eddie in a minute for flash (raggedy *censored* )

    so i ask you , are there any positive traits these two have ( every female on the show has depth but these two , including goldie)
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    I thought Laurel's training and transition to the Canary was done really well. I didn't really care for her before, but I like what they've done with her now. Nyssa's still my favorite though.
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    I think the issue is less with the actresses and more with the way their roles have played out in their respective shows.

    Iris has fallen into the classic "damsel in distress" coupled with a bit of "will they/won't they." Both tropes are kind of...played out. It doesn't help that they spent the season bringing her to a point where she figures out Barry's secret...and then they hit the GIANT RESET BUTTON of time-travel. I think it will really depend on the way Iris is used next season. If it's the same old stuff, that's gonna get boring.

    In the comics, Iris and Barry end up marrying (and, apparently, in one future continuity of the show's universe). Personally, I'd really like to see a show handle the marriage and maintenance of a stable relationship. All too often, shows like this bring couples together only to break them up (often violently or at least painfully from an emotional perspective). It's boring. I think there's more interesting ground to be found in watching a couple maintain their relationship in the face of the strains that being a freaking superhero would place on a relationship. If the writers can only conceive of a "stand by your man" approach to this, then they aren't trying hard enough or lack vision.

    Laurel spent the first two seasons being largely insufferable. Especially the second season. It wasn't until the end of the third season of Arrow that I started finding her remotely believable as Black Canary.

    The thing is, when she did her guest spot on The Flash, she was great! So much more enjoyable! I think the real issue is that the writers have been ineffective at using Laurel as much more than a punching bag for the past few seasons. And the problem with that is it makes it unbelievable when she suddenly turns competent. It doesn't help that Katie Cassidy doesn't really pull off her stunt work (or whoever they have doing stunt work for her is intentionally looking like a doofus in the fight scenes). When you have that kind of a skill deficit, it's hard to believe that a few weeks of intensive training with Nyssa will turn her into a badass. All that said, I'd rather watch her as an improbably badass than a useless hero who keeps getting her * kicked.
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    Arrow and Flash both have terrible, terrible, terrible writing for their female parts.

    The one that bugs me the most is by far Felicity, who spent this whole last season whining and crying. It seems like the writers themselves changed the reason why several times as the season progressed. That lack of decision on the writers parts reflects in her character and it makes her insufferable.

    I don't know what they expected to happen with Iris and Laurel. It seems like they set both of them up to be the most hated characters in the show, and there comes a point where it isn't redeemable. I think Laurel is balancing on a razors edge, and Iris? I think Iris is way too far gone for me to ever enjoy her character on the show.
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    moldy / solo / serenity

    moldy ,

    im putting the points in sections to read whichever one you prefer.

    dont get me wrong , if given the chance i would sooooooooooo snu snu iris ( but with somehting to keep her from talking , cus in the episode where eddie was in the bedroom she still killed the vibe) laurel , well i said my peace and if they would allow the deathnote to work in that universe id only use it on her .

    (another thing i got miffed at was how entitled she was with cisco, and demanded he help her with sara's tech ( which we all know was most likely a gift from nyssa as a token of their love ) or HOW SHE JUST HASSSSSSSSS TO BLURT OUT THE SECRETS OF TEAM ARROW TO EVERYONE ( the flash episode , again) i mean really , you cant shut your trap and keep a secret ?? ; in the finale i cheered when she got gased cus i was genuinly praying that she wouldnt wake up .

    the whole felicity thing didnt irk me cus s1 and 2 you grew to love her , and this season she was just dealing with the Elseworld version of Olly aka BLACK ARROW / THE BAT , but it payed off when they were finally together .one thing i dont get with everyone is why there is hate for Thea ( ok i get that in 1 she was just a brat , but 2/3rds of the season she started to grow *unless im crazy* , and i want to go on record that i have a thing for freckles so MAYBE that had something to do with it :p ).

    ill explain this via MARYSUE where i called out a person who COULDNT even give a reason that these two had redeeming qualities :( the person went on and reported my post to the mods and got me banned ... honestly i dont care cus those MS people are just not pleasant to begin with, and i see why there is disgust for that particular site now)
    since episode 1 she has been a spoiled my way or else brat ( S02 when sara told her she loved olly , laurel c***kblocked her to get him , the court case in S1 when she was a flat out C-bomb to everyone in the queen family).even when Laurel is flat out wrong (DRUG ADDICT in s1, banging blood for several episodes too) she still refuses to take blame and tries to pass it on to other people . ( FELICITY , NYSSA , HUNTRESS,THEA all are real life people who have personality , LAUREL well there is nothing redeeming about that conniving *c-bomb* , EVEN when she threatend sisco , like the snobby b***h she is)

    Iris : im waiting for you to try and defend them *grabs popcorn* EVERY FEMALE on flash is considerate , they work with the team ( up to and including Mercury labs) WHEN BARRY TOOK THE SHOT FOR EDDIE (and tried to help him out cus of his JOB situation being too stressful, WHO ended the relationship RATHER than being a understanding GF and deal with it ) .

    i hope you can remember the situations from the show i brought up :)
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    to be honest XD , i have turned laurel the punchiing bag into a ARROW DRINKING GAME ( same goes for flash where danielle / snow is being cute :love , im usually drunk as lobo or guy gardner within 20 minutes of the episode )
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    If I had a drinking game for every time Sky1 cut something from Flash and arrow because they show them at 8 rather than 9, I would have liver failure.
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    or shield where sky and jemma either looked mousy or was annoying lol.

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