Army Of Two- Tyson Rios and Elliott Salem *Pic Heavy*

ok all a little fun just because. here is Ohayocon 2011 in Columbus, Ohio
we had some Con ops picstures done.. i havent cleaned them up at all. we were just goofing around so enjoy..






Sick! Dude I'd love to share my rios and Salem pics with you. I'm new to this site. What's best way to do so? My brother and I have the cactus hobby versions of them
we will deff be doing the bling weapons and "makeshift" additions shortly...we love doing Army of Two! we get stopped a ton...though most dont know what we are haha
That's awesome man, I gotta ask, do you get stopped a lot by security wanting to check your weapons, I just did Deadpool and decided to go with guns that were immediately identifiable as toys because I hate being hassled by artificial bacon, lol. I had the choice of getting a cartoony but obnoxious machine gun, or a replica mp5, so I went for the one with the annoying sound and flashing lights, lmao. Anyways, did you guys get your guns on Ebay or from some other place?
at cons.. the only dips that stop us for that every 5 seconds is con ops. even tho we have orange tips and orange tape from con security.... so stupid..i understand we look fairly realistic.. but they never stop the Resident Evil guys/gals ugh... fun thing we did get "pulled over" once.. we were walking to my truck at a con in outside parking.. and cop busted a U' turn when he saw us.. and about pulled his weapon.. then started laughing and talked to us when he saw the tips and we were literally walking in broad daylight.
most of our weapons are thru hobby town where my room mate works.. he got them at cost and quick so made it easy
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