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Hey guys. I was thinking about getting myself a screen accurate army of two outfit. I have the pep-files for masks but won't be able to start making those for quite a while. Although I'm a bit stuck at that it doesn't mean I can't find other parts.
So I would love if all who can would pitch in and post or email ( high res reference pics of the armors worn by Rios and Salem.
I know, I know. They had several different armors in both games. But since I won't be able to finish this in such a long time anyways, I thought I just might be a little more picky :p

hope to see lots of picks from all angles, of all armors... come to think of it, of all masks as well :p and I hope the pics gathered here might help others as well.

damn i had a bunch of ref pics, but i think i dumped them. i made a bunch of armour from foam. hit me up if you want any pics.
Here's a few.
i made the shoulder pads, gauntlets and bomb collar out of foamies, black digital camo fabric, and some other odds and ends. ignore the mask, that was my first attempt. i later sculpted,molded,casted a much better one.





Here's the better mask i made


Where do i find the punched steel mesh for the eyes of this mask? I know i could use speaker covers but just seeing if anyone knew something. Thanks and Good luck on your build.
My mask (bought it from Jarvis, who makes AWESOME stuff)...





I still don't have the straps for it though. Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to make the headgear so the mask flips up?
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