Army equipment tags?

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    Sorry guys. Did not even know what to call these. The military slaps them on everything.
    I am making a custom case for an old Winchester Model 12 trench gun. I am creating a "ammo crate" like case for it and want to put some decals on it.

    What is the right format for the little black ID equipment tags?
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    Google image "military data plates", you'll get a boatload of pics...
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    Here are a few I have.



    Hope these Help.

    They are printed on Metallic & Black stickers and then attached to thin metal plates.

    But the Stickers can be in any color of your choosing (Red, Blue, Yellow) Whatever with Metallic letters.
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    Just so you know, on the US ones the the 2 singled out digits in the NSN are the last two numbers in the year of manufacture.
    So in the case of the night sight posted above, it was made in 2001 (5855-01-422-8782)

    I hope thats some help to you :)
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    hmmm........ having served over 20 years in the military, it was always taken that the pair of digits was the country code (country of origin)
    US is 00 and 01, Japan 30, Saudi Arabia is 70, the UK is 99 and Australia is 66

    Here's a breakdown for you:
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    I got the NSN number mixed up with the DSA number

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