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going out on limb here....

the more i read here the more i want to try build something.. the areas that i will be completley usless at are the mask skin hands and feet and also a bio.. so these are items i will be looking get made or buy if i can.. is there a stead fast rule on the armour that the hunter wears... i'm not trying to replicate a movie version so artistic licence is what i am thinking... obviously they have been travelling backwards an forward through time . so they will have at some stage picked up pieces from our world as well as theirs..... i have some real armour and chainmail etc here and i'm thinking of going down that route.. any words of advice or should i stay away from this concept altogether


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Truthfully I have never heard of a rule as way of armor goes for a predator. I personally think orginal designs/concepts are great. I only use 1 rule when it comes to predator stuff...if looks good...make it.

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what you want to do is not a new ideea and neither a bad one at all! Kotten build her predator character based on viking ideea!
her predator will have chainmail and all sorts of vikings weapons !
go for it , I'm looking forward to see your concept! o_O


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thanks for the support guys.. i have actual medieval weapons.. not larp stuff or anything like that,, i'm involved with an irish medieval combat group that teach and show medieval fighting with all sorts of weapons,, so from that aspect of it i'm rocking... yea i'll keep you guys post as i develop...need to take the first step and get a mask.... once done i can work on the rest... hands and feet will be the next port of call... i can work on the armour and clothing at home as this is something i already have... just need to adapt it slightly


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Well no 2 preds are the same I guess. And why completely copy someone elses design when you can customise it to make it your own o_O good luck


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i have a vision in my head of what i want him to look like... not the best at drawing but i'll try and attempt a concept drawing over the weekend and see what you guys think..
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