Armored Jack Bauer cosplay from season 8 episode 22


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Hey guys!
I am making a season 8 episode 22 Jack bauer cosplay from the show 24. Spoiler alert, it is from the scene he puts on an armor and a mask to attack the ex-president's limousine. Here is my question, I have all of the clothes, body armor and mask, the only thing missing are weapons. I have bought a nerf gun that I was planning to paint in black with a can. Is it going to stick to it? And does anyone have any idea on how to make fake smoke grenades? Thanks a lot guys!
Ps: pics of Ottawa comiccon coming in two weeks!


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Here are some pics of the nerf guns! I am not sure yet if I am going to remove the side barrel or not! uploadfromtaptalk1430185849823.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1430185892605.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1430185918614.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1430185951726.jpg
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