Armored Batman Suit - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


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So after seeing the full HD photos released late last night, I drew some templates all freehand then cut them onto EVA foam today and went glue crazy. I ran out of glue for the top piece but I've done a raw Eva foam Armored Batfleck Cowl this is yet to have any filler work or anything else hence why you can see all the imperfections but still not bad for 24 hours work.

11232897_913780445332580_6792592703114145017_n.jpg 11694969_913780461999245_1127727951056559983_n.jpg 11707651_913780435332581_7667732197566478422_n.jpg 11709711_913806688663289_7854180296885379993_n.jpg




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