Armageddon Expo Melbourne Australia 2011


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Armageddon Expo Melbourne Australia 2011
The day started like any other day, up at 6am and head for the jug to make coffee, this day in particular was a different day not like your standard weekend, for the first time ever, I am going to a Sci-Fi Expo with my Dalek friend Caan.
I had no idea what to expect, or even what happens at an event like a Sci-Fi Expo, I did do some research on youtube to see what go’s on. And what I may have to contend with, and from what I had seen I came to the conclusion that, there would be some very annoying Doctors that seem to like to give the Daleks a hard time. So with that information and very little to go on we headed of to the Armageddon Expo in Melbourne with two Dalek security staff that also were Dalek helpers.
We arrived at the Expo at about 11:10am and by the time we got a park, assembled Caan, and got an elevator from the underground car park to the event was 11:45am.
From the point we stepped out of the elevator we were mobbed and it did not end till we got back in the elevator at 6:00pm, the Dalek security was constantly working, and by the end of the Dalek day we were stuffed. Nikos Deathy gate crashed Sylvester McCoy's panel to give him the hurry up. Over the 2 day event the expo had 17,000 people though the doors, I have made a youtube video of the event, just to show what it was like. It was a very good crowd and yes there were lots Doctors and Any Ponds.

Armageddon Expo Melbourne 2011 - YouTube
Thanks for posting Rassilon1.

Great job with Caan, i would have been drawn to him as well, wanted to go but had to work. Please help me out here, what actually goes on at the events, is it all about selling stuff, are there displays of peoples collections etc. I would like to show my Deckard, Mad Max, Dooliittle and BR Street Cop costumes and some other stuff as well and have been thinking about contacting the organizers for next year, is it that kind of environment?

Thanks,,, Caan was a big hit kept me going all day, There are a lot if selling yes, but not so much as peoples collections but themes, I do plan on going next year as it was a good crowed, as in they were polite and appreciated of the work that went into making the costumes.
If you would like to cosplay from your favourite movie or anything like that then this is the place for it there was a lot in cosplay you would not feel like you are the only one. Start planning for next year, even if you just go one day.
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