Unlimited Run Arkham Origins Batman cowl Version 2


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Version 2 cowl is up for offer. Made to order. It is a 3 part in a sense but different than the V1. Cowl, neck/traps, and bow tie. Cast in 40 shore urethane, tinted (not painted) black.

Features some convincing textures of leather and fiber.

The bow tie attaches with velcro which I install before shipping. As the neck is meant to be form fitting I would caution anyone with a larger than 23 inch head that you may not be able to get your head through the neck hole as is (the cowl itself fits a 24 inch head comfortably). Us big brains may want to add a zipper or velcro to the front of the neck for ease of putting it on and taking it off. Less stress on the rubber this way too. So even smaller head guys may want to do it.

Alright, so here's the deal...full cowl is $250 plus shipping. I can add a zipper for you for $25 if you choose.
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This is one of the best cowls I own! Don't miss out on this I own both V1 and V2 it just get better and better! This is quality work! Cowl fits my 24+ head with room for hood.
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