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Eugenie Chubbs

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Hello, I am starting work on Poison Ivy from Arkham Knight.

I need help with a few things, like how do I go about doing her skin...
My ideas / options were as follows: OPTION A) I would airbrush every part of the body that shows and then manually paint the designs on top or airbrush and then temporary tattoo onto the airbrush the designs OR OPTION B) I would buy sheer green tights, put them on and have a helper paint with fabric paint onto the tights the designs.
For the rest of the body, I would do option A.

I have been able to find airbrush paint and all, of course, it's expensive but I'm willing to suffer a bit for it to look as best as possible. It is only for Halloween so I'm not as adamant about accuracy as if I were doing it for a convention. That will come later.
For hair... I looked into temporary dyes because my hair is a great texture to just braid up like hers is. I don't trust all wig companies and I only know Arda wigs, which are pretty expensive, so if you guys could suggest either temporary dye options that would come out completely after very few washes or other wig options, that would be great! P.S: I have dirty blond hair.

Finally, for sewing...any seamstresses out there that can give me tips for the jacket. I bought a red and a darker red fabric, which both are quite stretchy and soft, so they don't hold themselves together very well. The reason for this is because I was initially doing Arkham City, whose coat is a bit different. So, I have a regular business coat pattern that I have to somehow modify to open up instead of closing and I have to make the collar very wide and stiff. Besides "use interfacing," would any of you have tips for the sewing part?

Thanks for any and all help! Once I start doing stuff, I'll post it on here.

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Have you looked into corset boning for the collar? Based on that last picture, perhaps you could sew channels to provide structure? It's definitely not my area of expertise, but just a thought. Best of luck!


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can't wait to see this come together, ivy's such a fantastic character! starting from the top, i'd definitely suggest option b for the skin, though i would probably start with a base that's much closer to your skin tone and airbrush green on top of them; this will let you get the more dynamic skin color range like she has, and will also disguise the fact that you're wearing tights at all, because it's going to be next to impossible to find green tights that muted!
as for the hair, i heartily recommend chalking it. you can buy designated hair chalk, but it's essentially the same as artist's chalk or chalk pastels. it'll take a while to get through all of your hair, but it looks good and washes out easily!

best of luck, i can't wait to see the end result!

Eugenie Chubbs

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That1Katherine, do you mean around the edge of the collar or at the base of it? Thanks for the advice, by the way!

tjbro13: thanks for the advice, I'll take that into consideration. I had seen the chalking thing but I wasn't sure how bright that would end up...I'll check out some tutorials! and I agree for the tights thing, that would be easier than finding green tights like her weird leg colour
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