Arkham Knight helmet 3d printed

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    After many tries of 3d modeling this helmet myself, I finally bit the bullet and had it commissioned out. But now I am finally printing!!!! credit for the 3d model goes to creative_customz (santiclause) who did an amazing job and was great to work with when explaining what I wanted. He did an awesome job!

    I have split the 3d model into 4 parts so that I can print it with minimal support material. This print will also be a test fit to see how the scaling turns out. I may also make changes to how I have split the model up to make it easier to put on. After I am happy with all of that I will beginning filling and painting and may later cast the helmet in a more durable material. I am printing in PLA because it doesn't warp as bad as abs but is not as strong. I will be posting pics of each part as they come off the printer and as I assemble and paint everything. Stay tuned.

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    here is the latest update, the face and jaw pieces are finished and next are the dome pieces, il have to wait for when more filament comes in tomorrow before i can start the next print :( but here is what i have so far.
    11291778_10155803063185227_1389110394_n.jpg 11291408_10155803074415227_1854358822_n.jpg 11262951_10155803074455227_1005712607_n.jpg 11352524_10155803074530227_1829147741_n.jpg
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    hey , if you decide to share this file let me know cause Id love to print one for myself.

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