Arkham Knight Batman Cowl

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by tehdarkknight, May 15, 2015.

  1. tehdarkknight

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    Is anyone trying/has anyone tried to build the batman's cowl, neck and shoulder pieces from Arkham Knight?
    If yes: please redirect me to one of these people as I can't seem to find any/ any who are doing a run of one.
  2. Rickhemingway

    Rickhemingway Well-Known Member

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    I think that artsee1 has one in the works. You could try the wtb section too
  3. tehdarkknight

    tehdarkknight New Member

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    Thanks, haven't seen a post but made a request in the WTB section.
  4. Moviepropmaker6

    Moviepropmaker6 Active Member

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    Im making one
  5. BatmanALL

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    Artsee1 is making one but is on a family vacation and put his sculpt on hold. Visit his FB page and you can see the progress he's done so far.

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