Arkham City Riddler and Red Hood build for SDCC 2012

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by Thundercat, Apr 7, 2012.

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    I know it sounds like a lot to take on in about three months but who doesn't like a good challenge! The riddle is not for myself but just one that I've been wanting to put together. The red hood will be a combo of the animated one,the new comic and a bit of my own taste.

    This is where I'm at:

    Jacket is started, I material(pic) and a pattern. I plan to embroider the question marks all over it.
    Pants will be made from scratch (not started yet)
    Gloves(look blue in pic but they are purple) and glasses were and ebay buy.... done.
    Hat I'm still in search of!
    Cane will be a scratch build least of my worries! LOL

    Red Hood:
    Hood is going to be a combo of fabric(pic is a fabric test with stitch and silkscreen) with plates on it. No pattern or design to go off of just going to wing-it I think. LOL Don't worry i have a plan.
    Pants-Boots-Gloves will all be off the shelf.
    Jacket might be from scratch or a off the shelf and modified
    Guns will be rubber
    Holster will be custom
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    I've made a design for the fabric base to the hood. I was planing on silk screening it but don't want to bother the guys at work. So I think I'm going to use heat transfer vinyl. It'll be red on red so it will look more like a texture or pattern but if you looked close you'd see that its "Wayne Tech". Not planning on having much of the fabric show through but the idea I had was the Red Hood had stolen "Wayne Tech" technology.

    Got a leather jacket on ebay but the Fiance convinced me the color was kinda retro (it red-er than it looking in the pic) and it need to be either lighter or darker. My plan is either pull it apart for a patern or open it up enough to sew a different fabric on top.

    Also i got my pants, belt and gloves in!
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    I'm very curious to see your Riddler cane! I need one for my costume as well! Keep posting updates!
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    I'll be rocking an AC/Comic Robin at SDCC this year as well.. awesome!

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