Arkham City Mask Ref.?


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Hi, i've been checking out the forum for a little while now and have been loving it. Decided to finally join.

I wasn't sure if this belonged in the costume section or the prop section. But I was wondering if anyone had ref. for something from the game Batman:Arkham City. I'll say what it is in spoilers, so I don't ruin anything for anyone;

During one sequence of the game Batman is captured by the Mad Hatter who attempts to turn Batman into his own soldier. He does it by drugging Batman and putting a very cool looking mind-control rabbit mask on him. The ref. I'm looking for is of the black rabbit mask Hatter puts on Batman, its so wonderfully creepy, and I wanted to try my hand at making it.

Any help, anyone can provide, would really be appreciated. Thank you.
I believe there's a character trophy of that mask that you unlock. So if you go to character trophies you can see it in 360 view.
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