Arkham City Game Releases Tomorrow...Who's Ready??


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So I have Arkham City pre-ordered and all paid off. I know a lot of stores will have midnight releases. I'm grabbing mine tomorrow after work. Anyone else?

I was shocked to not find a thread on this. Just a lot of costume threads...unless someone Jedifyfes me in a sec...:behave
Cant WAIT! Ive had this one pre order for weeks! Its gotten great 9.5 or better from most the game sites. Plus the downloadable content is Great! Robin , NightWing, Frank Millers Batman skin and all the maps!
I loved Arkham Asylum but every review I've heard says this one is so much better. Traveling around the city looks amazing in itself!
Amazon's release day pre-order guarantee better work or my gf is going to be really unhappy. I won't get to play it until this weekend as she is going to monopolize it.
i leaving my house on the motorcycle to pick it up in 2 hours at the midnight release party at gamestop. never been to one of those, should be interesting.
Just got home from the store with it. I was disappointed by the turnout, I showed up at 11:40 and there were only 12 people there. Ah well, enough chatting, I've got mooks to beat up.
I hope to hear it's as good as or better than the last one. I never did see a reason to stand in line for a game when there is never a shortage.
Can't get it until tomorrow and then won't get to play it until Thursday. Baby is also due this week so that could really mess up my playing time. :)
I fully intend to buy it eventually, but seeing as how I saw no preorder bonuses offered, I figured I'd hold off until a little later. Loved the first one, though.
All that was offered was a multiplayer (or maybe a challenge) map of the Joker's hideout. I won't preorder games that offer only multiplayer stuff or stuff like that as i don't have a gold membership.
Actually, my preorder at Gamestop came with the Joker map, a Batman The Animated Series Batman skin that can be applied (includes Batman and Catwoman BTAS), a free soundtrack download, and then some local goodies they were passing out to Chipotle and Panda Express (free coupons).

I've only been playing for a couple of hours and it is really hard to put down. Definitely more in depth than the first one and so far really interesting IMO. I love it :)
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