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Erk, hello. I'm... new here. I really want to get into costume making, and I heard this was the place to look to for advice.

My name's Maddison, or Maddi, or Moo. I'm not fussed!

With Halloween fast approaching I decided I'd take a stab at making a costume for my favourite character from the Batman series, in his Arkham Asylum getup (with... a bit of creative freedom).

I'm not exactly a skinny girl, not to mention my family is built primarily of broad-shoulders and barrel-chests anyway and I'm no exception. None the less, I'm giving this a shot as best I can.

I have a sketch of the major change I'm making, and I'd love to hear if this idea could be a bomb or if I may actually be able to pull it off.


I've thrown in a corset (either dark brown or black) to suck in and cover up the stomach- otherwise I'm sticking to the original design as best I can. (sorry for the crappy scribble)

The main thing I'm working on will be the mask-
I'm going to be modifying a standard painting mask (I have one lying around from previous aerosol work) and inserting speakers instead of filters, running the cords along to an ipod hidden in an arm-cover by my hand (perhaps obscured by the needle-glove, I'm not sure yet).

This is where the fun starts.

tumblr link to my voice recordings.
This is what i'll have playing through my mask, spaced out and easily accessible to pause, skip and what have you.

(I'm using the thread here as a reference point, and I hope the wonderful Kommissar doesn't mind.)

Thoughts, advice? Help ;;?
Sorry if I'm doing this wrong or am in the wrong place!
Basically, it looks like you've added a corset. I'm not sure why this wouldn't work. One thing I like about working comic book characters is that they've been drawn and imagined so many ways that taking liberties with them is perfectly acceptable. I just wouldn't specifically say that you were Arkham Scarecrow.
Ahh, as for the not working thing, I am simply someone who worries over approval. I apologise, I must sound like a complete idiot haha. I'll upload pictures and progress when I finally get my materials together- thankyou for the added motivation to put my own twist on this :)
Sounds like an awesome project, Moo.

How about Fem-Crow? I saw a good costume at Fan Days in TX last weekend also done by a girl. Gender switched villains are cool. Batman villians are cool. So by simple addition, yours should be super cool.
I've thought about this idea myself.... but using the Batman Begins version. Where you see Crane/Scarecrow in the Straight Jacket/Trech w/the business suit underneath.... except having the business suit being a career womans business suit.

I've thought about doing this version as well.... if I needed any help... i'd be sure to ask this guy for help... BadA** Arkham Asylum Scarecrow Costume.
grimdarkkommissar's deviantART gallery

Keep us updated w/the costume progress.... Please!
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