Arkham Asylum Harley Venders ?

If you want a higher quality costume, I would recommend you stay away from this one. I'm afraid this is going to be pretty brutal but after looking at the pictures it's very obvious the model they have is not wearing the goods they are offering. The corset you'll get is not going to have the right details. For example, the purple belts that go around the back aren't continuous and broken by two strips of red vinyl coming down from the shoulders. Also, the shoulder straps should be crossed in the back. The gloves and the boots are completely off since these look like cheap, Halloween slip overs.

The action figure is actually a pretty good reference for the costume. Here's a really good review I found that does show the figure in some good detail.

Video Review of the Batman: Arkham Asylum Series; Harley Quinn - YouTube

Sadly, I wasn't able to find any eBay seller that sold anything of better quality. What kind of budget are you looking at to make this? And how much detail are you looking to achieve?
I agree with drewid on this one I'd stay far far away from the costume on ebay. one thing that i would do if i was in your shoes id start doing google searches for seperate articles of clothing, and if possible id hit the local thrift shops to look for clothes to either use as is or to use as a starting point possibly cannibalize. just my thoughts take 'em or leave 'em. Hope this helped.
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