Arkham Asylum Batman cowl! In with pics


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In speed Supe would be envious of, I got my Arkham Asylum cowl from TheKingaSwing today! The UK to Canada in less then a week, I did not think that was even possible LOL I'm a MASSIVE fan of the games, been hooked before I even played Asylum for 5 minutes. After playing through City, I decided I needed a cowl, and a Batarang, it was an imperative ;) That's where this incredible piece from Nat comes in! I loved it from the pics and reviews I saw, but in person it's absolutely flooring! The sculpt is dead on, soft yet crisp lines, the brow, one of the reasons this is my favorite Batman look, are just awesome, it looks pissed off LOL The casting is flawless, and I could not be happier with it, or the transaction with Nat! Had some fun taking pictures today, more to come when I get the Batarang from Russrep in :thumbsup








and being worn

Vs. Scarecrow, Begins style





Casual Bat-Friday ;)
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Re: Arkham Asylum Batman cowl!

Dude that cowl really looks great on you! I didnt think you'd get it THAT fast. I sent one out before yours that hasnt arrived yet lol Thanks for your kind words, its great to see someone getting enjoyment from something I made, guys, Travis is AWESOME to deal with. Couldn't have gone smoother :)

Fantastic photos, and great looking collection. Thanks for rocking the cowl!

Thanks again Nat! It is a lot of fun to wear LOL Neither did I, I couldn't figure out what the hell I'd be getting from UPS yesterday, until I saw it was from the UK, then I was just stunned, this is before I had the box open mind you ;) MUCH deserved words, you REALLY did this piece justice, and I could not be more thrilled with it! Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot to me :)
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