Argo/Yamato Star Blazers

I got one when it was first offered. It's one of the most impressive kits I've ever seen. One really neat touch, (besides the lights, movement and sound) it includes the main characters, and you can tell who they are.
There's also a new 1/500 kit - 70% as much Yamato, for about 1/10 of the price.

Yeah, I'll never understand the pricing for kits and diecast models from Japan.

I've seen upgrades of something like $50 difference in the transforming Macross VF's. Not much difference in size (and detail) really between 1/48 and 1/60 scale vehicles but geeze they make you pay through the nose for the next higher size! :darnkids
To be fair, with the 1/350 you're paying for a whole chunk of mechanics, electronics, sound etc that the 1/500 doesn't have.

(But I wish Bandai would release a poverty-spec version of the big kit, with no gimmicks, just maybe a classier stand suitable for a case. I just want a model, dammit.) :lol
I know this is an old thread but, this is a nice kit. The kit is subdivided into several boxes and a box art print is included (with no verbage) inside...suitable for framing. Also, the box is heavy gauge card board with a plastic handle. Nicely thought out model.

I have a 1/500 scale of the yamato. Nice kit by the way. A couple of suggestions, you can uso strips of styrene to make the hull ribbing you see on the 1/350 scale model. You can also use styrene to create the small cunnards on the 1/350. Lastly I used a little bit of milliput to round off the bow a bit.
The 1/350 scale model is a nice representation but I've read that it's more accurate to the Playstation game version of the ship. Some purists don't like the changes... On the other hand, the 1:500 version is still pretty darned big and as Darph Bobo says, it's more accurate to the 2199 series version.

Mark in Okinawa
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Some purists don't like the changes...

Yeah, my buddy Tony wouldn't, but then he's a Pacific War historian. :lol

Really gotta pick this kit up. Still can't help wishing they'd release a plastic-only version of the 1/350. The cost isn't the problem so much as the idea of throwing away all that bling. I don't want it to light up, make noise or do anything except sit there and look pretty.
Finally got into 2199, I'm four eps in. I've always loved the (former) Mogami class, now revised as flagship Kirishima, but now I think I'm in love. They hired the Yamato Mechanics guy for this series...oh yeah! He is rocking his job in a big big way; all the EDF stuff is absolutely great. The destroyer Yukikaze rocks too, and really all the rest of the ships. The Gamilas stuff has a very Zentraedi vibe, even some German WWII influence in some of the aircraft.

I am loving this show. Anyone else? Bandai needs to pump out some more 1/500 stuff to go with it. (Including a larger 1/500 Yamato since this version's supposedly 333 metres long.)
I just finished episode fourteen of SBY 2199. As a child, this series was second only to Star Wars in my imagination. It drove me nuts that there were no toys to be had. I rushed home every day after school to see it, even after I'd already seen every episode. For years I had the absurd fantasy that some day the original series I grew up with would be remade, with the same story but using modern animation. I had absolutely no doubt that it would never happen. That sort of thing just isn't done, after all.

Then, things just seemed to snowball. First I found clips of an all new animated feature, Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection. Soon after, the teaser trailer for the live-action movie appeared and I was dumbfounded. Then, the impossible became reality. The show of my dreams was being brought to life.

I found a hobby shop which carried Star Blazers model kits a year or two before the series stopped airing. I picked up every one I could afford, which wasn't much. At one time or another, I've built most of the kits that were made back in the eighties. I wasn't very good back then, and they've all since been lost. There's a large Andromeda model in the closet somewhere waiting to be built.
That's the new 1/72 Cosmo Zero Alpha 1 kit. There's also an Alpha 2 kit. The Alpha 1 comes with a scaled Kodai figure and the Alpha 2 comes with Yamamoto. I got the Alpha 2 version not too long ago. The kits have an amazing level of detail and they're not bad price wise. The only other kit I've seen from 2199 so far is a 1/1000 scale Yamato that looks pretty cool. Hobby Dengeki had a small Cosmo Falcon bonus kit a few months ago. I'm hoping we see that in a 1/72 before too long. That, and Ditz's red Gamilan fighter from the recent episodes. The EX kits are pretty cool. I was thinking about getting the Cosmo Tiger 2 kit they make. The new show is a pretty nice update from the original. Hopefully they do a second season with the Comet Empire after this season is wrapped up.

In addition to the Cosmo Zero and Yamato models, a two ship Gamilon set featuring the standard destroyer class and the variant, and a three ship EDF set with the three different ship classes seen in the Battle of Pluto from the first episode have also been released. Good luck actually finding any of them in stock, though.

That first episode still just blows me away. The way it's done, almost shot for shot just like the original episode from the seventies is amazing.
There's a second UN Cosmo Navy set either coming or recently released, too, can't recall. Would love some bigger stuff, e.g. a 1/200 Yukikaze, or 1/500 Kirishima.
CaptHowdy, I have three Yamato's 1/700 completed but I got another one to do a better job on. i have the 1/500 and the 1/350 both still in the box and are in line behind my seemingly eternal 1/350 refit (2010 - present) and a near SS X-wing. I am planing on putting major work into the 1/350. Hopefully, I can get somewhere along these lines

Simply amazing!
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