Are those heavy? Then they're expensive, put them back... - Jurassic Park


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I just thought I'd show you what I've been working on here and there for the last few months. The night vision goggles from Jurassic Park. I've got the mechanical portion figured out and about 80% modeled. This will eventually be printed with a makerbot stepstruder Mk7, but on a bigger machine. The toughest part for me, I think, will be the green helmet portion, but I think I'll just carve it out of foam.

The yellow portion isn't all there, but I decided to only model and print the parts that are roughly square. All the free flowing curves parts will sculpted by hand.

What do you guys think?

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I say, good job and best of luck going forward.

There will be a good number of people interested to see your final results, keep us updated!


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i remember someone here asked for the measurements of those, and another member answered something like "yeah these goggles pop up every once in a while, but noone ever made them"
happy to see that this is not always the case :lol
looks great so far!


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I read the title, and I knew exactly what you were thinking of!

That's a great line in the film, I use it all the time.

But don't just make them, make them work :cool


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But what would the overall width of the yellow face be? Or, the diameter of the clear (led backed) lenses. These are details that eluded me for some time.


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I'm not sure, I don't have any reference to their size. I think I made the inside dimension of the LED ring 2 inches, but that seems a little small now.


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I wonder... The last months 3 people posted that they're working on the JP NVGs. But competition pushes the prices down...

You plan a run?!? It would be nice to have a low cost unlimited alternative run for all those, who can't afford the limited stuff right now... ?!?


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Use the diameter of the red LED to scale out everything. It'll make that mask alot easier to plot ;)

I tried that, and that's how I got and idea where to start. The problem I had was it's difficult to see where the edge of the LED is. What I ended up doing was guessing what I thought the lens-to-lens dimension should be, then printed and adjusted until it looked right. Then I overlaid a 5mm circle over the LED to see if it looked like that's where the edges of the LED would be, and it looks pretty close.

I printed a front view of the 3d model, and it seems to look close to me. I have a giant head, and they still look to be about the size of scuba goggles.

I definitely plan to make these available, but I've got quite a bit of work to do before I'm even ready to discuss it.
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