Are there any still-live threads, blogs, sites covering the CA Vader?


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Pretty much says it all, no? Psyching myself up to start chopping walls out of my HS Falcon, I wanted to take a quick break and spruce up my so-far untouched Don Post CA Vader. Thinking a good sanding (it picked up a shallow gouge in the top of the dome some years back), two-tone paint job, but maybe also some very minor reshaping of the neck if it's not too insanely difficult, MAYBE altering the T-connector to modify how the dome sits, and possibly replacing the tusks with aluminum ESB ones. It seems every single thread here however that covers the topic has nothing but dead links for pics, and the same seems true at the Prop Den, and everywhere else I can think to look. Is it aliens? Is it a government conspiracy? Can anyone break the code of silence and say if and where there are any remaining live sites to check out some mods in progress to this bucket? The Truth is Out There.


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Hmmm...registered, been through the helmet and construction sub-forums, and can't seem to find any mod threads so far...lot of not terribly descriptive titles though. Any hints?
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