Question Are people allowed to share accounts? (answered)


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You all must understand that it really hard to get a account here on Rpf, so getting Two account must be virtually impossible...

Alan Castillo

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Let me put it this way : when I was in the chatroom once and I 'put my Mrs. on', I took a pic of her on the PC, and posted it.

... just so nobody's imagination would run wild :lol

Sharing an account is inadvisable, on many levels :lol


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I see this happening more and more recently and was just wondering about it?

A real world couple only as a huge exception. Friends? Definitely not.

One exception that comes to mind is Izabel, since Don Roberts does not like to post himself, and they both work on their stuff together. It´s 99% Izabel posts anyway.

Another example I can think of was when a non-native speaker had a friend help him create a post. The friend is a member on the RPF himself, and he announced in the post that he was making a post for the friend with the friend´s account.

Everything else is way too confusing and does not guarantee the safety of members when it e.g. comes to transactions.

It´s mandatory that people do not share login-information with third parties, by the way.

When nonsense posts are made that are in violation of the RPF member guidelines, the account holder will be held accountable ( :lol ) for the violations :p .

If you notice that an account is used by two or even more people, then please report it so we can have a look at it.

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